Since 1995 till now, Wilde Ganzen(WG) have continuedly support many projects for the young people through Don Bosco’s Mission in Cambodia. Significantly, not less than 20 projects have been achieved in the past years in the collaboration of SSCR such as infrastructure, upgrading equipment/materials, Scholarship program, self-sustaining development and capacity building.
Not only financial support but WG provided us another opportunity for self-sustaining strength by developing Don Bosco key staff capabilities in Local Fundraising and Mobilizing Support through Change The Change Academy Program.
Recently, WG selected Don Bosco as their local fundraising partner in Cambodia. This opportunity gave us extra motivation toward raising fund locally. Since WG will provide another 50 % of the total amount which have raised by Don Bosco locally in regarding to specific project. For example, If $100 as total fund raised locally then WG will add another $50 for that project. Thus Don Bosco will have $150.
Thanks to WG & SSCR for their trust in Don Bosco’s mission as well as believe in education for children and young people in Cambodia.

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