Don Bosco Kep — On the morning of March 9, 2022, and thanks to the promotion of our past pupils, we received the visit of the leading team of TV5 Cambodian Channel. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Huong Dara Mony, General Director of TV5, on behalf of Mr. Supachai Verapuchong and the staff of TV5, who assisted Don Bosco Technical School in Kep during the Covid19 pandemic. Once more, TV5 made itself present inside Don Bosco Kep to support our children and youth with the donation of 30 sacks of rice, 10 boxes of soft drinks, 10 boxes of biscuits, 21 boxes of toothpaste, 30 boxes of noodles, 50 boxes of fish sauce, 50 boxes of soy sauce, 1 bag of sugar and 30 packs of canned fish. During the pandemic, Don Bosco Kep became the shelter for more than 300 children and youth, who could not return to their homes for many reasons. Thanks to benefactors such as TV5 Cambodian Channel, other companies in Cambodia, local government and international donors, our community of children and youth have been able to keep the mission of education, protection and development. The TV5 Channel made also a report on their platforms about Don Bosco Kep, underlying the efforst to stay at the side of our children and youth.

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