Dear all, in the name of all students of the technical schools of Don Bosco Cambodia, we want to send a heartly greetings to all Cambodian youth. We are through the situation of the covid19’s variant known as omicron. Please protect yourself and your dear ones. The omicron variant is a little different from the classic covid19 with symptoms like headache, running nose and cough. If you are vaccinated and you have a good health in general, the decease can spend three to five days. Get into quarantine and take medicines like paracetamol and other flue treatment pills.

Let us continue to protect ourselves and our communities:

1) Wear masks especially if you are in overcrowded places.
2) Improve hygienics in the place you work, study and live.
3) Do not stay close to a lot of people. Make sure your dormitory is is ventilated with open windows.
4) No visits to isolated areas.
5) Make sure your toilet is cleaned.

6) Keep distance.

7) Keep a good mood. Make more sports, work in your garden, walk and be happy.

Let us pray in all our religions for the end of the pandemic, especially in our country, Cambodia. Let us pray for the recovery of all those who are sick. Let us pray for the souls of all those persons who died because covid19.

Let us be united with all our human world, understanding what God is telling us every day to take care of ourselves and to care the environment.

This is also a good opportunity to show affection for the people of our country and for other regions of the world. Donating something for the poor, for the children, the youth, the women, the elderly people. Because the pandemic, many people have lost a lot of things like business or social life. Many people are depressed. Time for us to share our optimism and love. In our Don Bosco schools, we are many children and youth in Poipet, Battambang, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kep and in the provinces Don Bosco helps children to study. Donating secondhand computers or academic material, food and medicine is welcome. Get in touch with the leaders of Don Bosco.

Here we share this prayer for the protection from covid19. Please candle or incense and read this prayer in your religion with love and hope:

Oh God the Most High,

You are Health and Love. You have gone through all our villages, curing every decease and illness. Your Holy and Powerful Word makes the sick well.

Do not forget us now. Take care of our children, young people, families, elderly.

Bless those who are working to fight covid19 like the authorities, doctors, nurses and personnel of health centers.

Bless our teachers and every person of our country, so we can continue building peace and taking care of Mother Nature.

We pray to You, God the Most High, for those who are now sick and for those who became poor and orphan because covid19.




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