Support technical students of Don Bosco Technical Schools

Support technical students of Don Bosco Technical Schools

“We aim to help technical students coming from families who are poor and are incapable of pursuing studies at the university because of financial difficulties, especially during this pandemic. Objectives:
1. Offer technical education to poor young people who find difficulty in joining the national stream of development, so that they can break their cycle of poverty.
2. Offer technical programs that are needed in the modernization of Cambodia and its economic growth. These include Mechanical-Welding, Electricity, Automotive, Printing, IT, Electronic, Secretarial and Hospitality.
3. Fight Cambodia’s modern evils such as domestic violence, child abuse, child labour, child prostitution, drugs, HIV, human rights abuse through education and prevention.
1. At least 95 percent of graduated students could have the job
2. Basic salary, At least 110% of minimum wage of garment factory worker or about 200 USD per month excluding other benefits
3. Drop-out rate least then 15 %”

For More Information @ PDO: Planning & Development Office, 

Email: / +855 96 28 54 584

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