KEP — Since 2008 there have been some experiences of an online Salesian Bulletin for Cambodia led by the Social Communication Department. But this will be the first year where the Khmer Salesian Bulletin will be on paper to be distributed to young people and members of the Salesian Family in the country.

This is a very special ocassion because it opens also the countdown for the 30th anniversary of the missions of the Salesians in Cambodia that will be on 24th of May. The Cambodian Salesian Bulletin will be published 4 times during the year with topics that include some principles of catechesis in a country that is mostly Buddhist, about Salesianity and activities of the Salesian Family. 

It is also published in a critical moment of the covid19 pandemic that is leading humanity to a more digital world. Although this, the publication in paper means that the Salesian charisma will reach also those who will not be connected. At the same time, if there is a big disconnection in a near or far future, books, magazines, bulletins in paper will remain there for somebody to read and discover our history, our Salesian history. 



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