Final days of Season of Creation 2021 in Cambodia #SeasonofCreation #DonBoscoGreenAlliance

We closed down the Season of Creation 2021 participation in Cambodia today with the celebration of the Holy Mass at the Brother Sun Cross monument in Don Bosco Kep. Even if it is a Catholic Mass, what is certain is that all the celebration starting on 1st August involved Buddhist, Muslims, animists and Christians in 31 nights of meditation for Mother Earth, peace and justice and the end of the pandemic.

The meditation was hold for one hour every night at the Tent of Abraham and the Maloca of Brother Jaguar, a school structure at the seaside. Between 2 and 3 October, children and youth from Don Bosco schools participated in the Brother Sun Camp with the motto “What is my responsibility for the protection of Mother Earth“. In the camp, we concluded that even if we talk about how to protect Mother Earth, actually it is she the one who really protects us by providing everything we need to sustain our lives. If she is the first protector of life, the real question is how we can retribute to her.

As members of different religions, we also meditate on the fact of everything that exits is caused by God the Creator, with all the names that different cultures throughout all history have given to that mystery of God. In that sense, we all are not only part of the Cosmos, but also caused by the same mysterious reality and thus, we all are brothers and sisters. We are all connected to all living creatures and to the elements that make part of our Mother Planet.

On Saturday afternoon, the child and youth members of the Don Bosco Brother Sun movement met together in teams to reflect on how we can retribute to Mother Earth following the God’s plan. In the evening, there was the Mass and the bonfire with a cultural program. Sunday morning we started with the Song of Creatures translated in Khmer language and we walked up to the Kep National Park mountain, more than 300 children and youth to hold one hour of meditation in the middle of the mountain forest and to pick plastic from the forest paths. On Sunday evening, with the Green Graduation, 300 students and teachers from the Don Bosco school, we ended the Brother Sun Camp.

One hour of meditation for Mother Earth, peace, justice and the end of the pandemic at the Maloca of Brother Jaguar in Don Bosco Kep. 31 nights of meditation.
Meditation at the Tent of Abraham.
Don Bosco Brother Sun children and youth meeting to discuss how we can retribute to Mother Earth what she provides for our own survival.
Mass at the Don Bosco Brother Sun Camp on Saturday, 2nd October 2021.
Blessing of Brother Fire at the Don Bosco Brother Sun Camp.
Cultural Night at the Don Bosco Brother Sun Camp in front to the Maloca of Brother Jaguar during the closing days of Season of Creation 2021.
Don Bosco Brother Sun members visiting the Kep Province National Park hills jungle during the Season of Creation’s Camp.
300 members of the Brother Sun Movement of Don Bosco Cambodia getting the Season of Creation certificate as “guards of Mother Earth” on Sunday, 3rd October.

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