Fr. Gianluca Tavola (PIME), the Kampot-Kep parish priest, welcome 8 youth in the catechumenate on 15th August 2021 at 18:00 at the Don Rua Chapel inside Don Bosco Kep campus. Two young women and six young men from different provinces, who follow Bible studies, did their first step with the aim of baptism in the Christian Faith.

Although the Don Bosco schools are open to students from different religions or no religions, they belong to the Catholic Church in the head of the Salesian Order of Saint Francis de Sales. Don Bosco has been present among Cambodians since 1988, first in the refugee camps in Thailand and after with the creation of technical schools and children fund in 1991. The Catholic Order do not invite students to the church and those who are willing to deep their faith inclinations, are free to join the catechesis offered by the Cambodian Catholic Church.

Don Bosco in Cambodia are mostly Theravada Buddhists and some profess Islam and natural religions. Don Bosco promotes an atmosphere of ecumenism, sharing the wisdom of every spirituality in the love of God.



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