East Asia Oceania Salesian Region (EAO) – The World Water Day of 22nd of March, was the occasion for the Don Bosco Green Alliance (DBGA) in its East Asian Oceania’s branch, to hold an online meeting of its regional delegates from the different Salesian provinces and delegations with the EAO DBGA’s regional coordinator Miss Taichi Miranda from the Philippines.

Each coordinator presented a short report on activities around the topic of environment education and protection and the adoption of sustainability activities to care our common Home or Mother Earth.

During this online meeting that saw the assistance of representatives from Mongolia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Timor East, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Australia, there was a special video prepared by the Thai delegate with the many activities that the Salesians are preparing with lay people to rise ecological awareness among the young people.

There was also a 3 minutes video prepared by Fr. Jolino Vieira from the TVET Centre-Comoro of Dili, Timor Est, showcasing various environment actions done in that country of Oceania such as tree planting, rice fields, fruits, vegetables, recycling and partnership with private organization.

Finally, Ms. Shawna Nemesia Rebello, the Special Project Executive of DBGA, was invited to share some updates of Laudatio Si, providing the following report on this movement created by Pope Francis to jin all Catholics to help in the care and protection of our Common Home:

Data showed that out of 4,120 registrants across the globe there were only 9.3 percent registrants from Asia and 4.5 percent from Oceania. The team was reminded to follow-up members to be part of this seven-year journey to reach the critical mass required for radical change and societal transformation, given the urgency of the crisis of our common home.

In order to access to the resources of the Laudation Si movement, you can visit the following links:

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