Hello! Warmest greetings from the East Asia Oceania Region!

Colorful. Diverse. United. These are the words that describe the Salesian Family Spirituality Days in the EAO region. This annual event became an opportunity to work together as we reach out to the members of the Salesian Family. The EAO Region is blessed with a very hardworking technical team and group of translators. This year, the EAO broadcasts the World and Regional program in 7 languages, namely: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Tetum, Indonesian, and Mongolian. 

This wouldn’t be possible without the support and collaborative effort of one another in the region. Apart from the World and Regional programs, the Provincial programs were also organized throughout the EAO. In these Provincial programs, the participants were able to have a meaningful discussion about the Strenna of the Rector Major.

There are two aspects chosen by the participants that identify the Salesian Family in the EAO region

1. God’s presence in the human heart.– Though sometimes dormant, the desire for God is present in everyone. – Godliness or the sense of the divine also shows the presence of hope and joy even in the midst of challenges and setbacks – More than optimism, God’s presence in our human heart despite the difficulties we face shows our trust in His Divine Providence. 

2. A kind and friendly way of dealing with people.– A kind and gentle way of dealing with people is much needed in these times when it’s easy to offend and hurt, especially online. – Being friendly and joyful will help us go through the hardships we are facing.- This also teaches us how we can connect with the young. The young people need affection and love; a community who can also be their family. 

The Strenna also challenged the Salesian Family in the EAO

1. One particular challenge is the need for Spiritual Guides & role models who are able to listen and compassionately journey with us.Also, that we ourselves become Spiritual Guides and role models for the young and for each other. We must also be able to listen and show compassion to others. We must also be present among the young with an attentive listening spirit. We can just be present, but the challenge is to be actively be part of their stories and lives. We should be someone they can trust. The need is that we should express our love in a formative way that could transform the young with our patient love.

2. Another challenge is to be able to consistently and creatively practice and live our Salesian identity in love, no matter how difficult it may be. In today’s times, there is a tendency to lose one’s identity. We ask ourselves, who are we? We are the Salesian Family. What a great time to know more about Francis of Sales as we remind ourselves of our identity as a part of the Salesian Family. It is nice to see the Salesian Family be in solidarity with one another, no matter where they are in the globe. These are the challenges that the EAO were able to derive from the Strenna.

May all of us be inspired to live our Salesian Identity and may our hearts be ignited to be willing to serve our brothers and sisters!

NB: This sharing is a fruit of EAO province level sharing on January 14, summary of all ‘local’ contributions that reached the EAO Salesian Family Coordinators. Report by Fr. Klement Vaclav from South Korea.


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