Uddor Meanchey Province — Now we have the information of this news from Uddor Meanchey Province and the educational experience of teacher Vann Bophai with local children and youth. Teacher Vann Bophai studied Information Technology in the Saint Paul Institute of Takeo, an institution of the Catholic Church. He went to Don Bosco Kep to do his training and was a teacher in the IT department for almost two years.

Then he went to Oddor Meanchey Province, to Trompeah Prasat District and on a piece of land of his brother-in-law, he created a simple center to teach English and computers to local children and youth with the permission of the Department of Education. Teacher Vann Bophai got a good impression of the way Don Bosco educates children and youth and he wanted to do something similar, bringing education to the most far away children, in provinces like Oddor Meanchey. 

In contact with Fr. Ly Samnang of Don Bosco Kep,, teacher Vann Bophai made a request for some support, especially to get some computers. Thanks to the Foundation for Cambodian Schools (SSCR) in Rotterdam, a group of benefactors led by Mr. Rolf Renzow, and the Wilde Ganzen Foundation translated “Wild Geese,” both organizations made a contribution to provide teacher Vann Bophai with ten computers and a projector. Also the local government made a contribution to make possible that children and youth from Odor Meanchey get help in their studies. 

Between 7 and 9 of March 2022, Fr. Ly Samnang, with Fr. Eugene Xalxo, who is the rector of Don Bosco Sihanoukville, made a visit to teacher Vann Bophai to see the center and to get to know the children.

Fr. Samnang is the creator of the Program Don Bosco Sun Children, to assist children in need to continue studies. He has been in Cambodia since 1999 and is now requesting the Cambodian citizens to Samdech Hun Sen.

Some of the children attending teacher Bophai informal school, are now supported by Don Bosco Children Fund. Oddor Meanchey is a very populated area at the north of Cambodia, dedicated to rural activities. It is a great fact that a teacher like Vann Bophai, who could have a successful job in Phnom Penh or in any other big urban area of Cambodia, preferred to settle in a far away province to give his best for rural children and youth.

If you want to support this initiative of education in Uddor Meanchey with teacher Vann Bophai, please get in touch. At the moment there is the need of more computers and academic material, as well as food and other items for children and youth. You can contact teacher Vann Bophai in his Facebook page.

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