July 1, 2022

Don Bosco Phnom Pehn

The Don Bosco Technical School of Phnom Penh is the oldest Don Bosco school in the country. Founded in 1991, the school has sought to answer the educational needs of a country in its post-war period of reconstruction. This Technical School is the first institution to provide technical skill education to young adults in extreme poverty and to facilitate the schooling of marginalised children. It was also the first printing press of Cambodia after the war.

The Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh is a community of Salesians, lay mission partners, youth and children, living the spirit and method of St. John Bosco for a new civilization of love. The community in Phnom Penh is composed by Father Roel (rector), Father Arun Charles, Father Nguyen Nhat Khoa Joseph, Brother Raymond Lawrence and Brother Somony Kong John Bosco.

Nowadays, the students can study in six different sections: Automotive, Mechanic, Electronic, Computer, Electricity and Printing. Thanks to the qualified teachers and the material received by donations, the students can improve their skills and directly put their theory lessons into practice. At the end of the school, which lasts 2 years, students immediately find work in big company in Cambodia and can thus provide for their livelihood while also helping their families.

The campus of Phnom Penh has also a farm with 3 permanents workers and students come to help everyday. The farm produces fishes, chickens but also a lot of vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, eggplant… The farm permit to provide food for the school.

If you would like more information : https://dbtspp.info/