May 22, 2022

Don Bosco Poipet

Before 1999 Poipet was just a forest in the middle of what was a conflict area between the Khmer Rouge guerrillas, the refugee camps in Thailand and the Cambodian forces with the support of the Vietnamese army until the peace agreement in 1987-1991. After the banishment of casinos in Thailand, a lot of them were built in the Cambodian side of the boarder. Poipet grew as a shanty town.

In 2002, the DBCF opened  the guest house and the store and 30 children came to live in the site. Some classes started at the Literacy Center but it’s only in 2004 that the Don Bosco Center of Poipet opened officialy. Nowadays, the house is under the leadership of Father Mark Yang.

The center is made by four programs: the children hostel, the literacy school, the food program and the technical school. We participate to the education of the children with a primary school (Grade 1 to 6) and a secondary School (Grade 7 to 9).

The Technical High school (Grade 10 to 12) is offering general curriculum of Ministry of Education and plus other skill such as Computer and Electricity.

The children Hostel (boarder) is for those poorer students and children.

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