Phnom Penh, Friday the 9th of May, the year of Rokan Provasak. S2566 44 on December 20, 2020, Mr. Egypt, President of Don Bosco Cambodia Foundation and Mr. Sok Vichet, Representative of II Steel Co., Ltd. Nutrition by II Group for 8.39 Bachelor of Engineering Don Bosco, Battambang, Kork Khleang, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

Mr. Blair Rollogoto, President of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, has been taking action to relocate us since 2020, and the prosperity could be detrimental to the teachers and students of this hotel. The roof of this new house is very good for protection of fresh water, sunlight and heat, especially providing high safety and comfort for nature teachers who teach and learn today as well.

Mr. Sok Vichet, a representative of II Steel, confirmed that this is the first or last time of II. IT. S Group sponsored the Don Bosco Cambodia Foundation to continue to help others who do not have the basics or skills. He added that the nutritional support for Don Bosco today would be very interesting if the wealthy could help young Cambodians by 2020. ISI Group is happy and satisfied with a small part in helping to develop Cambodia. The term Don Bosco Cambodia.

It should also be reminded that the IEE Group has been sponsoring 8 houses for the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, providing support and opportunities for Don Bosco students in Cambodia.

At the same time, the generous father wished all the teachers and students the highest attention, worthy of the generosity of the local people.

Finally, we would like to thank ISI Group for sponsoring this roof. I respectfully wish all the leaders and staff to meet only good luck, good health, full of the four Buddhist blessings, age, class, happiness, and strength, do not be lazy. Thank you!



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