DON BOSCO KEP — Sister Juanita Navel Baes, professional nurse and member of the Catholic Religious Congregation of Carmelites of Sacred Heart, led a training on first aids for some teachers and students of Don Bosco Technical School and Children Fund in Kep Province during the last week of March 2022.

Sr. Juanita Navel, who is a Mexican and has been in Cambodia since 2016, working at Don Bosco Kep for the education and protection of children, translated her experience on how to assist students and teachers if they feel ill. The most important is that people around get some knowledge as what to do when somebody gets ill or suffered an accident. The first actions to save a life are called internationally as First Aids and everybody is invited to know this skill in order to help those in health trouble.

A person who knows about first aid, must know how to establish the level of emergency: Does this person needs to be transported to a hospital or clinic? If that person does not need to be in a hospital, what we can do to help them? All these questions came during the daily training of ten days inside the Don Bosco Kep classrooms. To know when we can bring a person to a hospital is important, because it helps to keep hospitals available for serious cases. During the covid19’s pandemic we saw how the hospitals become crowed with hundreds of patients. If you feel ill but it is possible to get medicine at home, it will help also the hospitals, that will be available to attend serious patients.

In the schools, the most commons ills have to see with accidents due to sport (break bones), diarrhea, weakness due to lack of proper food and headages, sometimes associated to stress. Sr. Juanita included in her training the medicine of kindness. Sometimes people feel sick not because they have an ill in the bodies, but because they have a personal problem that they do not know how to solve. So it can produce vomit, headage, lack of sleep and lack of appetite. Taking medicines because that could be risky, because what the person needs is relaxation and talk. The persons who know about first aid and want to help others, must be kind and loving. Do not shout to the patient and make everybody feeling comfortable with your service.

The most important in this training is that the ones who did it, can multiply the effect in the villages and to teach others what to do if somebody near us suffers from any illness and how we can guide that person to the proper medical attention.


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