Social Communication & Journalism Section Master Plan 2012

Social Communication & Journalism Section

Master Plan 2012

Content: Details – Description

– Social Communication & Journalism Section

– Director

– Plan of studies

– First year (1st semester – 2nd semester)

– Second year (3rd semester – 4th semester)


Type of education: Technical school
Topic: Social communication, digital
communication, journalism and audiovisual production.
Intensity: Four semesters (two years)
Requirements for applicants (both genders): · 12th grade completed.· Aged 18-24 years old.· Coming from rural areas, poor communities or orphanage.

The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, DBFC, based in the Kingdom since 1991 as a national and international organization to support children and young people from poverty by giving the opportunity to study, opened a school in Kep in 2002 for disadvantage young women of the region in the skill of sewing. The natural beauty of the place between the sea and the hills of the Kep National Park, makes also the place a great center of meetings and retreats.

Kep Province is just at the Vietnamese border and the provinces of Kampot and Takeo, a rural region dedicated to grow rice, cattle, fish and mining, but with very low incomes per family and very limited options for job and education. Every year, young people from these two provinces travel to Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville to look for better opportunities like studies or employment.

This reality inspires the purpose to develop the Don Bosco school in Kep City as a vocational center for the attention of young people from the provinces of Kep, Kampot and Takeo specially.
From the many areas of technical education that modern Cambodia requires for its development and its war on poverty, DBFC chose in Kep to concentrate in intellectual skills like social communication, IT, secretariat, eco-tourism, housekeeping, front-office and art.

The school opened in October 2011 with a first section of social communication (journalism, computers, English, audiovisual and web development,) and hotel skills (front office and housekeeping.) The first group of students – 17 young women and 23 young men – was chosen at the Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville on August 2011 from rural families and orphanages of Kompot, Takeo and Kep.

Please follow this link in Khmer and this link in English for more information.

Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. If a leader can’t get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn’t even matter.

— Gilbert Amelio
President and CEO of National Semiconductor Corp

The SC&JS was created in 2007 by Salesian and journalist Albeiro Rodas at the Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville.

The purpose is the formation of young people in the areas of communication, digital communication, journalism, web development and audiovisual production for to join the development of their country by using properly the media from a humanitarian perspective.

The young students have to learn English as a second language, as a tool to access information from around the world and translate or create information in their own language for the good of their society.

They participate actively in the creation of data related to education, information, formation and prevention of social evils in Khmer language in the Internet through blogs, social networks, videos and audios.
The social communication and journalist section looks to reach through media made by the same young people vulnerable communities in Cambodia, especially children, women, farmers, workers, students and other groups to which information, formation and communication can contribute to empower and protect their rights and human development.

 Director of the project:

The director of the project is Albeiro Rodas-Torres, a member of the

Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia since 1999, full member of the Salesians of Don Bosco since 1996 and journalist from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia, since 1995. Currently doing a Master Degree in Digital Communication at the same University through the Internet.

Rodas-Torres studies also theology at the Salesian Theologate Institute of
Cremisan-Ratisbonne in Jerusalem. He did English at the Limerick
Language Center in Ireland and Italian language at Universitá per Stranieri di Perugia.

He is also an active blogger, feeding blogs related especially with Cambodia, Colombia and digital journalism:, Pasaporte Colombiano, Cultura Internet, Camboya en Español, I See Cambodia, Don Bosco Asia and Muchachos en Depresión, among others.

On December 18, 2008, Albeiro Rodas was awarded by Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana of Medellín, Colombia, with the ‘Mgr. Feliz Henao Botero´ Honor of Merit Medal for his commitment to the education of young people from unprivileged communities in Cambodia.

Plan of studies of the Social Communication and

Journalism Section

Students are selected from unprivileged youth that have finished the 12th grade and have shown they do not have possibilities to pay a University or any other professional formation. After selection – 20 for Sihanoukville and 20 for Kep – they start a formation of two years divided in four semesters:

First Year Objective: Learning English as a second language and managing computers, Internet and media in production of content in Khmer language with humanitarian goals.

During the first year, the students of communication must speak English as a language that will be an instrument of communication to access international information. The main method is English Conversation through listening and conversation, especially with native English speakers. In this sense, foreign volunteers are very important for the development of this first step. English grammar is let for the second year, when students are already able to speak and understand English.

The students must write in Khmer language online using the Khmer Unicode font developed by Open Institute. The main platform of practice is the Khmer Wikipedia with the goal to improve its content, but also social networks and blogs in Khmer. The idea is to create useful content for Cambodians, making Khmer documents available online. The content creation must be formative or preventive of social evils that affect the Cambodian society.

 First semester (October – January)

· Computer typing.
· Basic computer programs.
· English conversation I.
· Khmer Unicode.
· Social Communication (Information Theory.)
· Internet introduction.
· History.
· Mass media introduction.
· Photography I.

Second semester (February – August)

· Social Communication (Content Creation)
· English conversation II.
· Digital design.
· Radio.
· Television.
· Audiovisual Edition.
· Photography II.
· Art & Communication.
· Film making.
· Photojournalism I.
Second Year

Objective: Specializing in an area of communication.

During the second year, the students work in a specialization in an area of communication, especially audiovisual edition and production, journalism and web development with emphasis in content creation.

The selection in this area is made by the committee of teachers of the section according to the talents the students showed during the first year.

Third semester (October – January)

· Audiovisual Editors:

o Filming.

o Television II.

o Radio II.

o Photojournalism II.

o Lightning I.

o Audiovisual edition I.

o Acting I.

o Presenters.

o Script writers I.

o Digital audiovisual media I.

o Ethic & Law I.

o Content Creation I.

· Web development and Content Creation

o Ethic & Law I.
o Content Creation I.

o Web development I.

o Social media I.

o Blogging I.

o Digital design I.

Fourth Semester (February – June)

· Audiovisual Editors: o Television III. o Radio III.
o Lightning II.

o Audiovisual edition II.

o Acting II.

o Script writers II.

o Digital audiovisual media II.

o Ethic & Law II.

o Content Creation II.

o CV making.

o Thesis (a work for graduation.)

· Web development and Content Creation

o Ethic & Law II.

o Content Creation II.

o Web development II.
o Social media II.

o Blogging II.

o Digital design II.

o CV making.

o Thesis (A work for graduation.)

Training (July – August)

The students should be involved in a practical job.


Our Mission is to give technical education to young people from rural areas and unprivileged communities of Kompot,Takeo and Kep to empower them with a skill in order to get a job and a future for the development of Cambodia.

Don Bosco Vocational Center, Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom , KEP CITY, Kep Province. Post 5, Km 2, In front to Kep Department of Education National Road 33A, 2 Km after White Horse Monument Manager
(+855) P.O.Box 9801 -Kep City, Cambodia.
Facebook: Albeiro Rodas. Twitter: SDBofCambodia. Skype: Albeiror24, Cambodian time: UTC+07,
Email: management @,

management , .

Bank Transfer Account for donations

Name of the bank: Acleda Bank Plc. Kompot-Kep Branch
Account Number. 0700-01-041854-1-8
Address of the Bank: Ekreach St. , Ouspea 1 Village, Sangkat Kandal
Postcode/Area Code: 1149
Swift code. ACLBKHPP
Name of Account holder: Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia
Address of Account holder: Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom, NR 33A , Kep City, Cambodia.
P.O.Box: 9801 . Kep City ,Cambodia.

Sponsor a child of the Don Bosco Children Fund – Donate books, medicines, and computers or sponsor a student.



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