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The Rights of Children and Youth 0

The Rights of Children and Youth

The DBFC looks for the full enforce of the rights of children and youth in Cambodia, as it is established in the Convention of the Rights of the Child that was adopted by the...

The Rights of Women 0

The Rights of Women

The DBFC is sensitive to the reality of suffering of several Cambodian women and girls by labor exploitation, abuse, violence and discrimination. Our centers of education are opened with special attention to girls in...

Employment Rights for Young People 0

Employment Rights for Young People

Many children and young people under 18 years old are working, many of them under poor conditions and exploitation. If you are any of them, you have to know some of your rights. If...

Against Child Labor 0

Against Child Labor

Child labor refers to the work made by children in any system of production. The issue has been present in most nations around the world since the Industrial Revolution and it is more evident...

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