The following is the POLICY of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia with volunteers.

Volunteers refer to unsalaried personnel giving a service to any project of DBFC for a period of time. They can be foreign or local personnel, both genders, between 18 and 80 years old, normally experts in a skill or profession, with a like for education and for the Don Bosco styles of support to children and youth.

  • We prefer applications coming from established volunteer associations. See in your own country if there is an organization for volunteers abroad with special attention to Cambodia. Be aware that some self-call “volunteer organizations” are only business charging persons with high fees. Some of those fake organizations are connected to illegal orphanages where children are used as a way to rise funds for corruption.
  • If you want to apply directly to Don Bosco Cambodia, please send your CV to management@donboscokhmer.org. Include also references and a police record.
  • Have in account that we engage volunteers only for education in areas such as social communication, audiovisual, IT, art, hospitality, electricity, electronics, agriculture, tailoring, English and social work. We don’t have programs for construction or others out of the field of education, at least there is a special requirement.
  • Volunteers cover the cost of stay, meals and laundry, at least there is any special agreement on this issue.
  • We can assist in the application of a volunteer visa if you are going to stay more than 3 months in Cambodia. You cover any cost of it. You have to send a photocopy of your passport and a photo to the secretary of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia. Remember, we don’t give visas, it is a right of the Cambodian government. We only can request it. If the government gives you a visa to work as a volunteer in any Don Bosco project, you can not be engaged in external jobs. You could be deported from Cambodia if you do so.
  • We don’t offer job opportunities to foreign personnel, because we are a charitable organization. Volunteers don’t receive any stipend.
  • Take in account that Don Bosco is a religious Catholic organization. There is not a special religious condition for you as a volunteer, as there is not religious propaganda to children, students and teachers within the Don Bosco schools. You can belong to any religious group or believing. We are not going to ask you for it or to make you participate in any religious activity. Inside Don Bosco there is a completely freedom of religion. The only condition is the respect and tolerance for any other religious group and, in particular, for the Catholic Church. Inside Don Bosco Kep you will find students and teachers who are Buddhist, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and even agnostics.
  •  Keep your personal life private inside the school, remember you are working with children, youth, teachers and the poor. Give a good example before them.
  • Don’t make promises to children and youth, don’t give special gifts. If a child or youth ask you money or special favors, contact the administration or the social workers.
  • The following activities are not allowed inside the Don Bosco schools:
    • Smoking.
    • Dressing shorts or in a way that could be inappropriate to teach.
    • Using drugs or owning guns.
    • Engaging with prostitution.
    • Courting students.
    • Insulting behavior, rude talking.
  • DBCF expects a report from your experience during and after it. Such report should be a useful note on recommendations, as well as an evaluation of your own activity and the educational environment.
  • Volunteers should be prudent of the type of information they provide through their social networks, especially foreigners in Cambodia, because they are certainly affiliated to Don Bosco, although Don Bosco will not endorse any personal opinion about politics or conflict topics.