Phnom Penh. The Salesians in Cambodia met in Phnom Penh on August 16 and 17 for their Spiritual Retreat and the discussion about the reshaping of their Educative Pastoral Projects in align with the Salesian Congregation Vision. Mr. Kayne Bowden, an Australian volunteer and an expert in planning and development, made an illustrative presentation of the PDO, the Planning Development Office, to the Delegation Council in a way that it could design an adaptation to the Cambodian reality. On 17 morning, the Salesians dedicated time for prayer and meditation, motivated by PIME Fr. Gustavo Adrián Benitez, who shared his experiences during the World Youth Day with the Pope in Poland, leading the Cambodian Catholic youth delegation. Finally, the Salesians did their Assembly talking about their different Educative and Pastoral presences in Cambodia, with the ideal to go in connection with the Salesian Spirit of the Congregation.