• SSCR of the Netherlands, raises funds for the construction of schools and the support of orphans and underprivileged young people in Cambodia.
  • It has been a supported of the Don Bosco projects in Cambodia since 1991. 
  • You can donate to the benefit of Cambodian children of Don Bosco throughout SSCR’s bank account in the Netherlands: ING Bank IBAN: NL88INGB0004258870 BIC/SWIFT: INGBNL2A. E-mail’s information: info@sscr.nl

Dear donors, sponsors and friends of Foundation School Projects Cambodia “Rotterdam” (SSCR),

From the Cambodian NGO Spie-en (sister organisation of Foundation The Bridge from Hardenberg) we received the final report about receiving our SSCR donation and having been able to distribute 82 bicycles and 1.386 sets of school uniforms to poor orphans.

A boy with a special physical condition, gets a bicycle that will allow his mobility and school attendance.

Now 82 children who live far away from school are able to reach their school much easier and by doing so are more motivated to join school. And for 693 children we could supply them with two sets each of the mandatory school uniforms. To buy the uniforms is often too costly for the foster parents and as a result of this the children are not allowed to join the school. By providing the orphans with two sets of these necessary school uniforms they are allowed to attend school.

SSCR would like to thank all donors who contributed to this small but so important project for the children! A special “Thank you” goes to the co-financing organisation Wilde Ganzen, which provided a premium of 50% on top of donations received by SSCR! And finally we want to say also “Thank you” to the Cambodian partner NGO Spie-en and their Dutch sister Foundation The Bridge for their efforts of buying and distributing the bicycles and school uniforms donated by our SSCR donors!

Please find enclosed some photos for your information of the distribution of the bicycles and school uniforms.

With kind regards from SSCR
Rolf Renzow