The Salesians of Don Bosco in Cambodia are organized in the Salesian Cambodian Delegation. It is a sort of organization with certain autonomy, but depending from the Saint Paul Salesian Province with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. The Salesian code of the Province is THA and the only Salesian community or technical school in Laos belongs also to the THA Province. As an organization of the Salesians, the superior if Fr. Roel Soto, current rector of Don Bosco Technical School in Phnom Penh.

      As a non-government organization (NGO), non-for.profit and charity, it holds the legal name of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia (DBFC) and it has the character of both national and international condition.

        The headquarters of DBFC are in Phnom Penh at 67, Street 315, Sangkat Boeng Kak 2, Tuol Kouk and it is registered with the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs as a local NGO offering free education for poor youth:  Memorandum of Understanding of DBFC with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MOU, Number 828 OI/MFA/IC, April 13, 2015

       The Foundation has several projects related to education for children and young people from poor communities, especially those of rural areas. it gives priority to children and youth who are vulnerable of exploitation, abuse, human trafficking or very serious poor conditions including children with HIV, child workers, child beggars, children and young people from Cambodian ethnic minorities, young women without opportunities and victims of violence and youth who are victim of discrimination in anyway.

       DBFC includes projects of the different groups of the Salesian Family. In Cambodia the main groups are:

  • The Salesians of Don Bosco: The first group founded by Don Bosco. It is a religious group of men (priests and lay brothers) dedicated to education.
  • The Daughters of Mary Help or Salesian Sisters: This is the second religious group founded by Don Bosco with religious women, also dedicated to education, but especially to poor young women.
  • The Salesian Cooperators: The third group founded by Don Bosco with lay people who follows Don Bosco, but remaining a lay person, though diocesan priests can also join. In Cambodia there are a group of Salesian Cooperators already, most of them working at the same Salesian communities.

       The Projects are categorized in two main areas: technical education for young people and supporting children to go back and stay at school.

Technical Schools

       The following center welcome especially young men aged 16 – 24 with some sections for young ladies.

  1. Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh.
  2. Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville.
  3. Don Bosco Hatrans Technical School Kep.
  4. Don Bosco Poipet.
  5. Don Bosco Hotel School Sihanoukville.

 Training Center for Girls

  1. Don Bosco Training Center Tuol Kok, Phnom Penh.
  2. Don Bosco Training Center Tekla, Phnom Penh.
  3. Don Bosco Training Center Battambang.

Literacy Centers for Labor Children

  1. Don Bosco Literacy Center Salabalath, Battambang.
  2. Don Bosco Literacy Center Andung Cheng, Battambang
  3. Don Bosco Center, Poipet.

Don Bosco Children Fund

       There are two versions of the Don Bosco Children Fund: the main one with headquarters in Phnom Penh and a second one specialized in the provinces of Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri:

  • Don Bosco Children Fund of Cambodia: It has branches in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Battambang and Poipet.
  • Don Bosco Kep Children Fund: It has presence in Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri provinces.

       The purpose of the Children Fund is to support vulnerable children to go back to school in order to avoid any kind of exploitation, abuse or human trafficking. Children are supported by many benefactors from around the world. Click here on how to help a kid with Don Bosco.


       The Foundation has supported the building or rebuilding of 45 schools in rural and poor areas of Cambodia since 1991.

Other projects

  1. Don Bosco Social Communication Center, Sihanoukville.
  2. Don Bosco Past Pupils Association.
  3. Don Bosco Cambodia’s Volunteers: The projects are open to volunteers from around the world. Click here to know how to become a volunteer with Don Bosco Cambodia.

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