Don Bosco Sihanoukville

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Don Bosco Sihanoukville

Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville (it is also known as DBSkv and Sala Don Bosco in Khmer) is a free education and technical school located at Oupram District in Sihanoukville. Founded in 1997 by the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, DBSkv is the first technical institution of the south of Cambodia dedicated to educate young people from poverty.

DBSkv is regarded to have the best campus of the port city and a strict education. It is also the only work of DBFC with an official website ( that has been ranked as one of the top 100 Cambodian websites.

The school was opened in 1997 in Sihanoukville to attend children and youth from poor backgrounds of the southern provinces of Cambodia: Koh Kong, Sihanoukville, Kampot and Takaew. The Project is a technical school where young boys and girls can learn a skill along two years such as electricity, mechanic, auto mechanic and welding for boys, secretariat for girls and hotel school for boys and girls. There is also a branch of the Children Fund.

Vission / Mission

We envision young people who are freed from social, political, economic and cultural oppression to become totally integrated persons; we envision Cambodian youth who are dynamic participants in the life of their country; we envision communities of committed youth and educators to become catalysts of change contributing to the building up of a more just society.

Therefore we, educators and technical skills trainers, commit ourselves to focus on efficient quality education and technical skills training on the integral development of the person. We, educators and youth together, commit ourselves to create a healthy learning atmosphere in a family spirit that guarantees the improvement of our person and to instill in us a strong sense of human and moral values through the application of the Preventive System of Don Bosco.


Information – to acquire necessary occupational and employable skills and knowledge through technical training, curriculum and learning methods.

Formation – to develop and improve human resources through guided and structured learning activities, practical skills and work attitudes through a developed training plan and curriculum.

Transformation – to work towards the standardization of vocational qualification for the national workforce and to contribute to the economic development of the society and country.

 Administration and Organization

The average number of students is 500 in five technical sections: electrical, mechanical, auto mechanic, social communication and secretarial. Every section has about 60 students with the exception of social communication with 24. The section is leaded by the manager, who has an assistance manager. There is also a council of managers leaded by the head master. In the council of the managers is also the manager of discipline and the store manager.

The rector is the first authority of the school, who has also a vice rector (known also as vicar). The school has the Salesian Council that is the highest authority of the educational community. There is the administrator that look after the economy. He has also the school restaurant, the security and other areas related with general management. The coordinator of youth pastoral is in charge of the school animation through sport, youth groups and cultural activities. He has also the coordination of the Don Bosco Brother Sun House, the Youth Center and children affairs.

By 2009 the rector is Fr John Visser and the vice rector is Fr Albeiro Rodas.


The campus of DBShv is considered the best educational and sportive campus of Sihanouk Province. It has been built in 1996 in the Oupram District in a land destined by the government for education of children and young people from poverty. The place is two kilometers at the south of the Leu Market in a road that goes to the Chetil Beach. Until Don Bosco the road has good conditions.

The campus is made by a wide green area dedicated to sport with a playgroung for football and two covert ones for basketball and volleyball.

There are some buildings for the sections (from north to south):

  • Electrical.
  • Auto Mechanic.
  • Welding.
  • Mechanic.
  • Store and the office of Children Fund.
  • Social communication (ground floor) and secretarial (first floor).
  • The Saint Francis de Sales Chapel (ground floor) and the Saint Dominic Savio Male Boarding Home (second floor).
  • The school refectory and the kitchen.
  • The Salesian House.
  • The Brother Sun House.
  • The farm.
  • The Arand de Ru Hostel for Girls (outside the campus crossing the road).

The address is Group 13, Mondol 5, Sangkat 4 Mitta Pheap, Street Oupram. P.O. Box 9406. Phone of the general secretary: 034 933 764. Official website. Email of the Rector. Email of the Vice Rector.


The school is free education for youth from poverty. The applicants must demonstrate that they are real in need. Applicants sent by NGOs, orphanage or fair sources are very welcome. Young people from rural areas are also encourage to apply. There are some fees to pay (uniforms, tools, etc) at very low prices to motivate the value of the things and avoid a paternalistic method of support.

Every year by August new applicants have to follow a procedure:

  1. Buying the form: Applicants should be older than 16 and younger the 24; they must have finished the 9th grade (social communication and secretarial require the 12th); be an orphan or coming from a very poor family.
  2. Facing an interview: It chooses the most suitable candidates for the exam. Applicants who are studying in any university or payable institution, coming from good economical standard families, younger than 16 or older than 24, without the 9th grade, etc, will not be accepted for the exam.
  3. Doing the exam.
  4. The list of the selected ones is published. The enlisted ones have a deadline time to make the inscription.
  5. Inscription.

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