Students in Don Bosco Kep in a semester final exam in August 2015. The DBFC’s schools are often presented as a model of transparency and strict discipline. 

Phnom Penh. About 88,505 12th grade students will take their final exam for high school diploma next 24 and 25 of August in 149 centers throughout the country. From this number, 80 % are rural youth that will move to main urban centers, according to the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability for East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP). Measures to ensure better results and prevent cheating during the exam has been undertake by the officials and education authorities, including the Anti-Corruption Unit. Last year UNICEF was invited as observer, but declined this time arguing that the integrity of the system is in place and there is not a need from there part, according to a statement to VOA Khmer

In previous years it was a normal practice to “buy” the answers of the exams in a country where corruption still in a very high level. Talking about corruption it is not only to blame officials, but it can be also a general behavior in society and teaching children and young people is a key action to prevent a future generation of corrupts.

Another concern is the level of education at the Cambodian schools. In 2014 an astonishing number of 70% of students doing the 12th grade national exam failed it thanks to the crackdown on bribery and cheating, demonstrating that most teenagers did not prepare it relying in corrupt actions.

It is important to ensure that children and young people will not follow the same tracks of dishonest behaviors, while working in a national level to increase the quality and intensity of education as a key for development.

In Cambodia a primary and secondary teacher earns a very low salary, lower even than workers on the tourist industry. Most rural schools lack the best conditions for a standard education in a country where 80% of its population lives from agriculture.

The Don Bosco Technical Schools have been presented as a model of transparency every year for their strict arrangement and monitoring.