don bosco phnom penh semester exam 2014

UPDATE: Interviews and exams for new students at the Don Bosco Technical Schools in Cambodia will be in the month of September. Please request information in the nearest Don Bosco school for any change in dates. Between September 1 and 4 applicants must come for interview– On September 5 (Saturday) is the exam for entrance.

The form for new applicants can be bought in any Don Bosco school for about 4,000 Riel.

The interview has the purpose to select young people that is in real need, poverty or vulnerability. Orphans, abandoned youth and vulnerable young women are encouraged to apply. Youth with disabilities can apply at Don Bosco Kep. Orphanages, NGOs’ and official departments dealing with vulnerable youth, can present their candidates including a written reference to the Don Bosco authorities. Notice that there is not any discrimination in Don Bosco in bases of ethnics, religion, parties or gender. Any attempt to bribe or manage influences within the schools results of immediate dismissal of any candidate.

The exam has the purpose to evaluate the academic ability of the candidate. Results of the interview are combined with results of the exam at the moment of selection. Remember that Don Bosco is a project for the unprivileged youth. Due to the limits in funds, the schools have a limit in the number of places. Unfortunately, the schools cannot accept all applicants. Young people that are not accepted can apply at the next year.

Note: This year the 12th grade exam in Cambodia will be on August 24-25. For this reason, the interviews for the Don Bosco schools will be hold after it.