The Don Bosco Kep is a space for retreats, meetings and vocational training of the DBFC. It is under the administration of the Don Bosco Technical School of Phnom Penh.

School director: School director of Don Bosco Technical  School of Phnom Penh, tel. 023 36 70 50 / 023 21 96 80  / Fax 023 21 99 86.
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On 12 June 2001 the Provincial Council of the Salesians for Thailand, Cambodia and Laos approved the creation of a sewing school for the Kep City. The project was called \”Don Bosco Hantrans School\”.

On 28 May 2004 the Provincial Council approved the \”Youth Camp Project\”.

On 1rst November 2005 the work was opened by the main donor, the Sioch Group (Hengelo, Netherlands) and Mr Nguon Bian, the director of the Department of Education, Youth & Sports of the Kep Municipality.

On 8 December 2005 the Provincial Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Father Dheparat Pitisant, make an official blessing of the \’Children Home\’.


  • Offering vocational training for out-of-school youth as a place and facilities for skills training in dressmaking (Hatrans School).
  • Opening a place for meetings, seminars, camps, walk rally activities and youth group experiences with formation slant (Children Home).
  • Offering opportunities to poor children to go to schools and receive education (Children Fund).
  • Opening a place for retreats, recollection rest and recreation for small groups of adults (Formator\’s Home).



  • Retreat house.
  • Youth camp.
  • Accomodation by dormitory arragement: Boys\’ and Girls\’ dormitories. Each dormitory can accomodate as many as 150 children/youth with a separate room for assistants (5 persons).
  • Food service:

oThe center will arrange the food for three meals with two (2) kinds of dish

oFor self cooking, the center has materials and utensils for rent. We also charge for the gas.

oThere is an annex room to the kitchen for your own cook for accommodation (if needed).

oThe multi purpose meeting hall serves as the refectory.

  • Audio-visual Equipment: The center provides general audio visual equipment for big groups that are simple and practical. Therefore, we provide:
  1. One set of amplifier, two microphones and one radio/tape cassette.
  2. Poster boards and White Board (provide your own white board pens).
  3. Sports fields and the beaches


  1. The rate for payment is arranged by mutual agreement with the management.
  2. Time for Check in/out: Check in by 11.00 am until 1.00 pm of the following day is considered ONE FULL DAY.

Practical Guidelines

  1. Any group must have at least one adult leader (religious, teacher or facilitator) to assist the orderly keeping of the place and the proper discipline of the group. Religious may use the “Formators’ Home” for special request stated in the application form for their accommodation.
  2. No guns, dangerous weapons, liquor and drugs are allowed in the premises of the center.
  3. Respect people around. Decrease volume of the sound at night and all activities must normally stop by 10.00 hours.
  4. This is a “Formation Place”. Keep order and cleanliness at all times at all places. Take care of all equipment as your own.
  5. Behave well as educated and well mannered persons.
  6. Play, jump, enjoy as much as you need BUT do not sin.

“With the young all the time, anytime”

Kep City

KEP CITY is situated on the Southeast of Kampot Province. Until 1960 KEP was Cambodia’s “beach town”, sporting cozy ocean side French villas. Today, those villas are in ruins and the town is now known for “seafood” especially “CRABS” rather than for its “beaches”. In fact, people call KEP the “lost beach city of Cambodia”. But like other Cambodian tourist destinations new rapid changes are coming and surely will be changing. Special care for children and young people in difficulty has always been a constant salesian commitment. Therefore, where there are specific works in the field of youth problems, the salesians must offer to youngsters in difficulty concrete responses within the process of integral growth. In Cambodia Salesians try to find creative solutions within the context of works for street children and out-of-school youth, HIV/AIDS orphans, an alternative service for children without access to schooling, in short involvement in organisms of human advancement, the salesian term calls it- SPECIAL EDUCATION! The impacts are: increased coverage of children and young people to education and employable vocational skills training, improved social conditions of the group targets; solidarity towards sustainable social progress and economic growth of the locality and youth activities – seminars, retreats, week-ends meetings spirituality days, vocational programs, walk rally activities etc. – all for the integral formation of children and youth.

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