The Social Communication is a project of the DBFC. It has been ideated by Fr Albeiro Rodas since 2005 as a way to teach state-of-the art information and communication technologies in Cambodia. This project runs now the social communication section, the website design group, the Don Bosco Service Center and the audiovisual studios, all in Sihanoukville

Social communication section: Teaching students the principles of communication and information with emphasis in journalism, mass media, audiovisual production and webmaster design.

Audiovisual studios: Production of audio and video by the students of social communication.

Don Bosco Design Group: Creation of websites for DBFC, NGOs, businesses and institutions..

The Salesians of Cambodia Newsletter.


The first attempt to develop a project in social communication was in Poipet in 2005. The Poipet’s context was especial important because children in the area live daily with dangers like human trafficking, child prostitution, street gangs, dope, booze and many other social evils.

Communication technologies were understood as a essential way to reach marginalized communities with the aim to promote ethic values and rise social conscience. Information is the best tool to prevent problems in the community. The teaching of mass communication technologies, the diffusion of printed material, radio, television, and the Web were seen as keys of development and coordination with other organizations to support the humanitarian mission of the DBFC, and as invaluable skills for the local youth to enter the 21st Century through Hi-Tech.

However, the section worked only for seven months, because Fr Rodas was moved to Sihanoukville. Even if the new administration promised to continue with the program, it was closed in 2006. Most of those first students went to work in NGOs as social workers, showing that the purpose was good. Two of the students were transfered to Sihanoukville in order to continue the process in the place as instructors. They joined professional courses to improve their skills.

In October 2007 the section was re-opened in Sihanoukville (as a continuation of what began in Poipet) with 12 students. The students were selected from poor communities, following the mission of DBFC. The former rooms of the sewing section (it was closed in 2005 due to the lack of students), were selected to host the new section of the Technical School.

In November 2008 the creation of an audiovisual studio was aproved with the support of donors from Holland and USA.

On 9th May 2009 an electrical storm caused a fire and destroyed the studios.

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