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Wednesday May 22, 2013 |

Don Bosco Vocational Training Center – Tuol Kork District, Phnom Penh

Director: Sour María Elena Estacio

Address: No. 60 Street 317, Phnom Penh 12151

Phone: (+855) 23 883 437

Don Bosco vocational school extends outreach

About 300 people, including a senior government official, attended the July 2 opening of the Don Bosco Vocational Training Center’s new building in Phnom Penh.

The facility also houses study rooms and an audio visual room.

Pich Sophoan, adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen, praised the Salesian nuns for their “work of love” in providing vocational training and lodging for young female students.

He said the nuns are the government’s partners in developing Cambodia’s human resource and reducing poverty.

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Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore

In Dec 2007 our members led a group of parishioners from Queen of Peace church to work at a Don Bosco school in Phum Chreh. This advent Cambodian project raised almost $150,000 which was spend on building an extension to the school, scholarships and love parcels containing necessities for some 1,500 children. The advent Cambodian trip as so well received that this year there will be 3 groups from Queen of Peace and St Vincent de Paul parishes as well as from Fides from SMU working alongside medical teams at the Don Bosco schools at Phum Chreh, Teuk Thla and Tuol Kork. They will also try to raise funds to rebuild a dormitory cum vocational institute which is literally crumbling. More…



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    + Imperial International Hospitality School (Canada-Vietnam): Vocational Trainer-Lecturer for the Hospitality Industry. In charge of designing and standardizing the Hotel’s comprehensive package including Policies & Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Operational Check Lists, and Best Practices for training purposes. Responsible for the Hospitality Vocational and English plus Certificate Programs for the domestic market and the international Hospitality Skilled Labor Export Program to ASEAN region.

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    • Hotel & Resorts: 5-Star hotels (Imperial Hotel, New World Hotel, Continental Hotel, Rex Hotel, Sheraton & others); 5-Star Resorts (Anna Mandara Resort, Terracotta Resort, Ho Tram Resort, Sea Horse Resort, Marina Bay Resort, Furama Resort & others).
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