Dear Salesians, Friends, Volunteers, Colleague foundations and ‘Field workers’ in Cambodia,

We are proud to be able to contribute to your heavy , but successful activities in Cambodia in order
to support the vulnerable people and we are happy to see the good results of all our efforts.

Since the very first start in 1992 we succeeded with our foundations Sawasdee and Don Bosco Kinder Fonds
to contribute to many educational projects and what a satisfaction to observe the progress every year.

Our actual website for more information :

Next january 30th 2015 we hope to meet many of you in Phnom Penh on the event of the 200 years birthday of Don Bosco,
with warm greetings,

Sawasdee Foundation NLHector Loontjens
Jan van Waas
Loek van Kalmthout

Foundation Don Bosco Kinder Fonds NL

Ellen Loontjens
Heleen Haringman
Heleen Zandee
Naiyana Loontjens PR

Hector and Ellen Sawasdee