Berliners donated computers to indigenous Cambodian kids

Friday March 5, 2021 |
Berliners donated computers to indigenous Cambodian kids

Mrs. Uti Hennecke and Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind from Berlin, who have been members of the German Senior Experten Service of Bonn at Don Bosco Kep since 2011, decided to answer the Don Bosco Brother Sun Children campaign to set IT laboratories for village children, this time in Banlun, Ratanakiri to the benefit of 20 Jarai children. Thanks to their support, Don Bosco Kep could get 7 computers and one projector and send it to Mr. Seun Bonny, Don Bosco Kep past pupil and Jarai leader, who created a simple IT laboratory at his residence in the northern Cambodian province.

The Don Bosco Sun Children is a program to support children, especially teenagers, who are at risk of school abandonment in the country. 40 teenagers reside in Don Bosco campus in Kep province sponsored by Kindermissionwerk, but others stay at their villages such as Takeo, Udong Meanchey and Ratanakiri, regions that are far from more urban areas, where children find more difficulties to proceed with schooling.

Due to pandemic, the online programs have been key to ensure that children and youth could keep their education. However, it is not true for many Cambodian regions with limited Internet access and lack of material such as computers. At the moment, 50 Jarai children from the Chreng village, Bokeo district, Ratanakiri province, are included in the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund and Brother Sun Scholarship Program, this last one supported in Ratanakiri by Sawasdee Foundation with 20 scholarships for indigenous children.

Thanks to benefactors, programs such as children fund and sun kids are possible. If you are interested in supporting Cambodian children, especially indigenous, farmers or children under risk with the donation of a computer, school material or a scholarship, please get in touch ( It includes also a program for Colombian indigenous children from the Amazon rainforest (the Siona kids.)

Mr. Seun Bonny, Jarai leader and Don Bosco Kep past pupil, is the coordinator of the Don Bosco Jarai Sun Children IT Laboratory, so Jarai students residing in Banlun can study online and get more digital skills.
The house of Mr. Seun Bonny is the Don Boso Jarai Sun Children IT Laboratory.

From left to right Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind, journalist, Mrs. Victoria Ramirez, journalist and former volunteer, Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Hector Loontjens from Sawasdee Foundation, supporting kids from children fund and sun kids and Mrs. Uti Hennecke.