In the afternoon of December 10,2020 was held the first EAO Don Bosco Green Alliance animation ‘Eco Team’ meeting convoked by the EAO DBGA Coordinator Ms Taichi Miranda (FIS). It was a success! Thanks to all participants and also their provincial or delegation superiors.

Although we missed some provinces and delegations, the rich sharing of convictions, expectations, real experiences and dreams energize the EAO DBGA ECO TEAM in their starting phase.


   Among the 15 participants there was a rich variety of backgrounds: DBGA EAO coordinator (Ms. Taichi, FIS), EAO SDB regional councilor (Fr Joseph Phuoc, RMG), DBGA Convener (Fr Savio Silveira, INB), EAO Formation sector coordinator (Fr Mel Racelis, FIS) and 9 province or delegation level DBGA contact persons (6 SDB and 3 lay mission partners): Fr Simon Lee (Mongolia delegation), Mr Khinh (VIE province), Mr Eduardo Sandoval (Cambodia delegation, California ECO Volunteer), Fr Vincent Sabal (FIS, SYM delegate for FIS and for the whole of Philippines), Fr Francis Okamoto (GIA province), Fr Rhomel Mendoza (CIN province secretary), Mr Alwin Ingua (FIN, Legazpi TVET staff), Fr John Ko Shine Win (MYM viceprovince) and Fr Brian Ahern (AUL province, YM delegate). Throuhg their personal presentation all felt a lot of enthusiasm of care for Creation in many different ways.


   The EAO DBGA representatives benefited the presence of the DBGA Founder and Convener, Fr Savio Silveira who introduced the DBGA dynamics, inspiration, history and way of development: Starting from the Laudato Si encyclical of Pope Francis, the Salesians realized, that can’t work for a better future of the young people without addressing the Creation and Environment issues. The three goals contained in the GC28 Guideline (n.8) are a clear way forward for each SDB community and province around the world: 

(1) Make each Salesian education institution a model for Eco; 

(2) Involve more Salesian settings in the DBGA dynamics (as of today registered 390 settings in 68 countries) 

(3) Make all SDB settings with a renewable energy before 2032.


   Following short FAQ session was useful for clarifications of goals and strategies regarding the following points

* Eco-education is not enough, if has no impact in the lifestyle of our young people (Education)

* Possibility to fund the renewable energy solutions first for the EAO formation houses (PDO)

* How to get more familiar with the convictions and strategies of Pope Francis Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ (Self-formation)

* DBGA is not for environmentalist, but for Salesian Family members caring about the environment impact on the future of the young

* Need of overall perspective of environment issues – spiritual, scientific and practical action approach

* How to contribute to the building of sustainable Eco-civilization (spirituality, no single answer, each human responsibility)

* Each SDB community is invited by the GC28 to become a model of Eco-Conversion, before we present it to the young

* DB Green Alliance works closely with the Youth Ministry and Formation sector with flexible structures


The EAO Eco-Team members will meet again next January 2021, while keeping in touch through the SNS group sharing, involving also the other not-yet-present provinces and delegations. The DBGA members are very grateful for the active support of their Superiors.


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