Message from Fr. John Visser, Country Representative, on the occasion of the Gratitude Day

Dear Benefactors and Friends, Dear Teachers and Instructors, Dear Students,

On 24 June Don Bosco Technical School – Sihanouk Ville celebrates the feast of gratitude. The school year is going towards its end and over 200 students will leave the school having completed their training of two full years and they will enter the society of labor.

It is more than fitting that we celebrate and thank all the people who have contributed to the success of this school year 2009 – 2010.

I often tell my 508 students that Don Bosco – Sihanouk Ville consists of three groups:

The first group are you dear students coming from a poor background but eager to learn. Don Bosco has been created for you to give you a good opportunity in life and you took this chance.

The second group are your superiors and your teachers and instructors. They stand daily besides the students to teach them, to assist them in all what is necessary to succeed.

The third group are our dear benefactors who with their advice and their financial support make the running of the Don Bosco Technical School possible.

If any of these three groups fall away there will be no Don Bosco Technical School – Sihanouk Ville.

We take the occasion of the day of gratitude on the 24th of June to say thank you to each other.

May God bless you and reward your hard work and your generosity by granting you good health and success in all your undertakings.

Warm Regards

Father John Visser

Rector Don Bosco Technical School

Sihanouk Ville

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The wonders of the Pre-Angkorian temples

DBFC | June 17, 2010. Centuries before the Angkor Empire was born, there were already “ancient” temples hidden in the Cambodian jungles. They remained throughout the centuries to give testimony to the roots of the Cambodian civilization. The beauties of the Angkorian temples make us forget that they have their “parents”: the Pre-Angkorians with the attraction of many misteries to discover. The social communication section of Don Bosco Sihanoukville began its own exploration in the aim to make notice to children and young people the great values of their ancestors. Online surfers can appreciate the videos on Vimeo and let their comments. The production is under the direction of Albeiro Rodas of the Don Bosco Audiovisual Center with the support of teacher Delonix Pan-Cheong of the Singapore Polytechnic.

Trivani Funds after program for empoverished Cambodian students

Springville, UT, (MMD Newswire) June 18, 2010 — The Trivani Foundation, philanthropic arm of global product seller Trivani International, has partnered with charity Sustainable Cambodia to fund an education-focused after school program for impoverished Cambodian students. The program, named the Kravanh Bright Future Center, uses volunteer college students to tutor Cambodian pupils in the areas of math, English and science. The program also provides vocational training.

Queen MoniqueQueen’s Birthay and Public Holiday

DBFC | June 17, 2010. Cambodia celebrates tomorrow, June 18, the birthday of Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanoukville and keeps a public holiday. Queen Monineath was born in Saigon on June 18, 1936. She was married to King Father Norodom Sihanouk on April 1952. Her father was a French-Italian banker, Mr. Jean–François Izzi, and her mother a Cambodian, Mrs Pomme Peang, who was from Phnom Penh. Queen Monique, as she is also known, was the President of the Cambodian Red Cross in the 1960s. She is the mother of King Norodom Sihamoni.

Picture at Commons.

 Message of Khmer New Year from Don Bosco Cambodia

To His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni

King of Cambodia
To His Excellency Mr. Hun Sen
Primer Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia

To His Reverence Mgrs. Emile Destombes
Bishop of Phnom Penh
To His Reverence Mgrs. Oliviere Schmitthaeus
Coadjutor Bishop of Phnom Penh
To His Reverence Mgrs. Enrique Figeroa
Bishop of Battambang
To His Reverence Mgrs. Antonysamy Susairaj
Bishop of Kompung Cham

To Fr. John Visser,
President of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia

To All Cambodian People
To All friends, benefactors, volunteers, staff, teachers and students in Cambodia and abroad.

Our dear country is celebrating a new change of date in our national calendar to year 2554.
This is a good opportunity to send a message to all of you, especially to those who are responsible in the growing of the new generations of Cambodia, in which we keep faith and hope for a best future. With much respect to our dear King and the Royal Government of our nation.

We say from our schools of Don Bosco Happy Khmer New Year 2554!

May God bless you all, give you happiness, good health and success in your works, especially works of charity, solidarity, commitment for the well being of our country.

In our Don Bosco schools we renew our mission to provide education for the poorest children and young people of the country. We believe in the inner talents of the young Cambodians. We are conscious that every Cambodian is a descendant from the ancient glorious kingdom of Angkor. Everyone of you keep the seed of courage, intelligence, solidarity and peace of your old ancestors.

It is only through education that those traditional values of our nation will flourish again.

We are witness of the great development of our country in the last two decades. There are great improvements that might be praised. Only those who are blind or those who want to take advantage of circumstances, are unable to see how many improvements Cambodia gained during the last years. Today more children can attend schools, child mortality has been reduced, infrastructures like roads and electricity reached places that before were marginalized, tourism gave to the country other face giving more value to our traditions and archaeological sites.

At the same time, we need to know that there are many areas that require to be attended.

Education should continue its way to reach all Cambodian children and youth. For us, education is the keystone of development, solidarity, culture and common values.

Our institution is committed to it. Fighting poverty through education is our ideal and we put all our talents, resources and possibilities to the serve of such mission.

Especially, we have to say that we believe in the Cambodians very much. This is your country and what you are going to be, depend on you. Not alone, because our country belongs to the Mother Earth and every nation is a sister of the Cambodian people. But Cambodians must be the leaders of their own development, peace, justice and commitment.

We, as educative communities inside a Non-for-profit and charitable organization, thanks in especial manner all our dear foreign benefactors. Without them, the Don Bosco schools could not get all those young people and children to be educated in the last two decades. We thank them also in the name of the Cambodian nation, because every single cent that is given by foreign benefactors to Don Bosco, means a cent to the education of the Cambodian young people and children.

We thank also the Cambodian benefactors, especially those persons, officials and organizations, who support the Don Bosco schools in anyway, making possible that more and more children and young persons can reach our centers and get a skill in order to work.

I invite you all to visit our schools, to know our work, to know our students and their hopes.
Please promote our projects inside and outside Cambodia, because it means to open more and more opportunities to more and more Cambodian children and youth.

We love Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders, the Kingdom of children and youth that need a best future!

Happy Khmer New Year 2554 from Don Bosco Cambodia.

Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB
Communications Director

Mother Yvonne Reungouat is in Cambodia !

The Mother Superior of the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco has recently paid a visit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The Daughters of Mary of Help are also known as the SALESIANS SISTERS OF DON BOSCO .They form the largest Catholic female religious order and they were founded in 1872 by St.John Bosco and Maria Mazzarello along with the Society of Saint Francis of Sales and the lay order of Salesian Cooperators. The Daughters of Mary of Help sign themselves as FMA from the Latin Congregatio Filiarum Mariae Auxiliatricis.

The FMA are present in Cambodia since 1991. They belong also to the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia and they dedicated their work to the education of girls from poor communities. They run two schools in Phnom Penh (Don Bosco TekTla and Don Bosco Tuol Kok) and a school in Battambang.

Phnom Penh is also the headquarters of the province of the Daughters of Mary of Help for Cambodia and Myanmar.

Mother Yvonne in her visit to Cambodia in February 2010 greets the Sisters of Mother Theresa at the side of Suor Teresita García, the current provincial of Cambodia.

Student boarders of Don Bosco Teuk Tla in Phnom Penh, perform a song for Mother Yvonne.

The Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco looks at the new century with the hope of their founders: Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, for the best of the girls, especially those from poverty and at risk in Cambodia. Sor Dolly Helena Ramírez, in charge of the social communication.

A Salesian Sister of Don Bosco with two Cambodian girls who are aspirants to the religious order.

Phnom PenhDecember 8, 2009 | DB Social Com & SCC. The Vicariate of Phnom Penh and the Salesian community of the technical school in the Cambodian capital, opened officially today the Mary Help Chapel with the presence of H.E. Emile Destombes, MEP, Bishop of the Vicariate. The ceremony started at 9am with more than 150 persons, some authorities of the Catholic Church, the Salesians of Don Bosco in Phnom Penh and members of different youth groups.

The event was also an opportunity to remember the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Salesian Congregation by Don Bosco in Turin, Italy. He put his new religious group of educators under the care of Mary Help of Christians. The Salesian house of the Don Bosco Technical School in the district of Phnom Penh Thmey, was also the first community to be founded in Cambodia in 1991. Several young people have received training in technical skills to serve in the development of their country.

The Salesian community of Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh invites to the Official Blessing of Mary, Our Help Chapel at the campus on Tuesday 8 December 2009.

The ceremony will be presided by H.E. Emile Destombes, Bishop of the Vicariate of Phnom Penh at 9am.

Don Chávez becomes a fellow citizen of Don Bosco

Turin, Nov 18, 2009 The City Council of Turin awarded Don Chávez as Honorary Citizen and stated: the Salesian Family has always collaborated with the Turin local authorities for the benefit of young boys and girls and of the workers, with schools, oratories and projects to prevent juvenile hardship. The recognition comes withing the context of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Salesian Congregation in this city. Father Pascual Chávez, Mexican, is the current Rector Major of the Salesians and will receive this honor of Turin on December 18 at the Turin City Hall.

Source: ANS: Fr Chávez becomes a fellow citizen of Don Bosco

Assignments 2009-2010 for the Salesians in Cambodia

Fr Dheparat Pitisant, Salesian superior for Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, approved the assignments for the Salesians working in Cambodia for the academic period 2009-2010. Currently there are 13 Salesians of Don Bosco assigned in the country, who are distributed in three communities: Poipet, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. The Salesian works of Cambodia belong to the Salesian Province of Bangkok, Thailand.

The Don Bosco Technical School of Phnom Penh:

-Fr Leonard Ochoa (Philippines): Rector, vocations, youth pastoral and director of the Don Bosco Children Fund.

-Fr Roel Soto (Philippines): Vice-rector, dean and technical director.

-Fr Lawrence Thmey (Thailand): Administration and contacts with the Diocese of Phnom Penh.

-Fr Ceferino Ledesma (Philippines): Education adviser.

-Bro Martin Tan Tai (Vietnam): Student of Khmer language.

The Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville:

-Fr John Visser (The Netherlands): Rector, administration, dean and director of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia.

-Fr Albeiro Rodas (Colombia): Vice-rector, coordinator of the social communication project, the boarding and in charge of the Don Bosco Brother Sun House, formation center for boys.

-Bro Roberto Panetto (Italy): In charge of the Don Bosco Hotel School.

The Don Bosco Home for Children of Poipet (This Center depends on Phnom Penh administration):

-Fr Gabriel Kang (South Korea): In charge of the center, administration and youth center.

-Fr Eugine Xalxo (India): Youth pastoral, in charge of the Literacy school and the technical department and contacts with the Diocese of Battambang.

Other Salesians of Cambodia with special assignments:

Fr Luis Oyarzo (Chile): Spiritual Formation in Berkeley, USA.

-Fr Gerard Ravasco (Philippines): Special assignment in Philippines.

-Bro Joseph Kizhakketdath (India): Theology study in Melbourne, Australia.

There are also three Cambodian young men doing an experience of formation in the Salesian Center of Talisay, Philippines: Kong Mony, Phen Nary and Oem Sum On. There are two Salesian formation experiences for boys in Cambodia: the Besucco Boys in Phnom Penh and the Don Bosco Brother Sun group in Sihanoukville.

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+855 (0) 97-7272120 ( 097 from Cambodia)
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Besucco boys bonfire

Kep Province – Australasia News – 27th September 2009. Stopover in Kep kept Besuccos on fire with faith, active in prayer and potential candidates to Salesian life! September 20-26 were just that – days of laughter, prayer and team building exercises when Don Bosco Besucco Camp 2009 rolled along with forty-one youngsters and two Salesians. The SDB priest did the Eucharist, homily and five talks on “the Good News in my Life’ and the SDB brother inspired several activities on “We are the champions, doing things together and taking the challenges of life”.

The ceremony of acceptance of one candidate, Paul Norm Chantheara ( High School Level 10 student) to the aspirant phase of formation also made such camping activity a truly unique and memorable one. A meeting with Fr. John Bosco Dheparat, THA Provincial, on the last day in Phnom Penh was even a happier conclusion of the camping days.

“Frontpage for Friends” (FfF) Mailnews, a Salesian Youth Animation Newsletter, was conceived. “Frontpage for Friends” (FfF) is a newsletter that fosters FRIENDSHIP with God, with ourselves and with one another as the young live the lifestyle of Don Bosco, the FRIEND of youth. The newsletter is soon to be published at sdb house, 67-69, Street 315, Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. and is sent by email. (If you are interested, send an email to or or, the Australasia correspondent).

 Don Bosco journalism

Sihanoukville. This year the Don Bosco Technical School of the port city graduated the first nine students of the social communication section. Two months after the end of the academic year, all of them are engaged in any kind of job related with information or communication processes either in NGOs, schools or companies.

But we want to underline the interest of The Cambodia Daily, the prominent English newspaper of American journalist Bernard Krisher, in following the studies of the social communication program. Currently there is one of the first past pupils, Khun Narin, who is doing a training in the paper as a reporter, thanks to the attention of Kevin Doyle. The Irish editor in chief of the media was himself a volunteer at Don Bosco Phnom Penh in 1991-1992. Narin is already reporting news on the paper and we expect him to put into practice what he learnt in Don Bosco as a contribution to an ethical and valued journalism for the development of the Cambodian society.

Your news, comments, suggestions, corrections, pictures, are welcome at our Newsletter. Please email us ( If you want to be removed from our mailing list or you want to add a new email, please reply to this email. You can call also to 097 96 75 042. We invite you to visit the official websites of Don Bosco Cambodia: They are produced by the Don Bosco Webhouse.

“Stay commited to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” (Tom Robbins)

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