Between June 24, 2020 and June 24, 2021 the World Confederation of Don Bosco Past Pupils celebrates their 150th anniversary. Today, on October 5, the liturgical memorial of Blessed Albert Marvelli, the Maltese Federation (President Mr Bryan Magro) in collaboration with the World Confederation released one of the anniversary project gifts – publication on Blessed Alberto Marvelli. 

The biography in English is entitled: Alberto Marvelli – A life of Pastoral, Socio – Political and Spiritual Commitment.   Blessed Marvelli’s hort life of 28 years (1918-1946) offers really strong motivation for any young person who is growing around the Salesian Family: active in the Salesian Oratory of Rimini, in the Catholic Action, committed in his University, during the war and after WWII also in politics.

In the Introduction Fr Angel F. Artime, Rector major expresses his conviction: “… Alberto Marvelli is a genuine icon of what it means to be a past pupil of Don Bosco. As a true past pupil of Don Bosco, Alberto was ‘the salt of the earth and light of the world. May his life continue to motivate past pupils and friends of Don Bosco to be upright citizens and good Christians.”

In the Presentation the World Confederation President writes: “…in his. diary,Alberto Marvelli wrote that his life

programme can be summarised in one word: “Saint”. This is the Salesian Youth Spirituality with which Don Bosco
had accompanied his young people in the Valdocco Oratory. Don Bosco wanted all his young people to become saints. He was always concerned how he could save the lives of young people. Don Bosco dedicated his life to save the souls of  young people and Alberto Marvelli is another true shining model, an example to other young people…”

The small booklet of 106 pages brings the historical background of Italy in the first half of 20th century and in short 8 chapters, with many photos and poetry of the Blessed. 

And what is interesting, the author of this book, Bryan Magro is eager that this booklet will spread in translation to many other languages (not only to the usual main 5 Salesian world languages) and shares in his letter to the Thai Salesians and Past Pupils: “As the author of this book, I hold the copyright to the book and I am more than happy to give you the rights to translate into the Thai language and publish it as a book. As the primary aim of this publication is to spread the life of Alberto Marvelli as an example to past pupils and friends of Don Bosco, I will not be asking for any author’s remuneration for the publication.  If there is profit from this publication, I would wish that the money will go towards the Salesian mission in Thailand or social projects by past pupils and friends of Don Bosco.”  

(NB: For any other EAO Federation of Don Bosco Past pupils the author is willing to share a Word format copy as this may help you in the work of the translation; contact:

We wish this simple booklet will reach as many Don Bosco Past Pupils as possible!    

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