Phnom Penh — The birthday of Fr. John Visser every August, is the main point of reference for the Don Bosco past pupils in Cambodia. It is not only because Father John is the current eldest confrere in the Salesian mission of this Southeast Asia kingdom, but because he is almost in the heart of every past pupil during the last 29 years of history of Don Bosco in Cambodia.

It is also the opportunity to make a demonstration of support for the Cambodian Salesian projects by the donation of some tons of rice, one of the main Cambodian productions. Each Don Bosco school in the country gets some tons of rice from the solidarity of their past pupils that gathered at the side of Fr. John to celebrate his birthday, as it was 150 years ago, when the past pupils started their movement at the side of an elderly Don Bosco in Turin. 

The birthday of Father John Visser becomes an occasion for the Salesian Family in Cambodia.

Br. Roberto Panetto, the other founder of the Salesian Mission in Cambodia, with Fr. John Visser in a joyful moment of remembrances.

Some confreres in Cambodia at the side of Father John in the Mary Help of Christians Chapel in Don Bosco Phnom Penh that is the Mother House of Don Bosco Cambodia.

During the Holy Mass.

Tons of rice donated by the past pupils to Don Bosco Kep. Each school gets its own contribution. 

Students of Don Bosco Kep get the donation from their past pupils… they will become also future supporters to guarantee continuity in the chain of charity and mission. 

Father John Visser, 85 years old. 

Father Roel Soto, superior of the Cambodian Delegation, talks to the Don Bosco Cambodia Past Pupils Association. 

Leaders of the Don Bosco Cambodia Past Pupils Association. 

Father John and some Salesians with past pupils.