If you come to Cambodia to look for children with sexual purposes, you must know that we have a good number of persons, humanitarian organizations, official departments, journalists, embassies and authorities, ready to stop you.

If you think that you can do whatever with our children, that this is a poor country, that everyone is corrupted in this country and you can buy whatever in this country, like our children… you are wrong!

This is a poor country, but not all people in this country are corrupt. There are plenty of organizations, institutions, official departments, authorities, good tourists, humanitarian volunteers, safe hotels and guest houses, travel agencies, taxi drivers, business people and many others ready to call to the police if they see that you are trying to abuse a child in any form.

We have worked for years to protect children from any abuser. We are improving our own legislation to punish any attend against a minor in this country. We educate our children and our families to prevent any form of abuse. We are committed to protect our children, because they are the future and they cannot defend themselves.

You have to know that it is a crime to have sex with children and teenagers. You can go to a Cambodian prison if you get services of child prostitutes or you constrict a minor to prostitution. You become a criminal, an offender, if you take pictures, videos or any other electronic means of naked children and teenagers either if you force them or if you give them money or gifts. You can be prosecuted if you provide children and teenagers to other sexual predators of children.

If they see a child under any risk.

You can be prosecuted under Cambodian laws and you can have a sentence of between 6 and 20 years if you abuse a child.

You can be prosecuted also in your own country.

Moreover, your name will be published by the media and people in your own country will know your case, your family, your friends, your companions of work.

They will know that you did a very terrible deed, because you abused a child, a person who cannot defend him/herself, a child that maybe trusted in you, believed your lies, thought that you were going to help, because it is a poor country.

When you abuse a child, you abuse also our nation and you bring shame to your own nation.

Children are not tourist destination.

If you see that a person, a group, a guest house, a moto-taxi or any is in a suspicious activity with children, please inform immediately to the authorities. Help a child, help Cambodia.

Welcome to this country and be a safe tourist.

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