In Cambodia, there is an incentive to introduce legislation to provide child protection, but yet we do not have a comprehensive system and proper planning.

The Don Bosco Foundation of Kep has been learning more about keeping children safe in education, led by Don Bosco Kep Children’s Fund Manager, Sister Vitaita.

The Child Safe Traveler study aims to provide staff with the responsibility of caring for children in Don Bosco to better understand what should or should not be done and to protect children from problems. Other. A responsible child or a child who is in school should not be subjected to violence, abuse or neglect.

Sister Vitaita, President of the Don Bosco Kep Child Foundation, said that the teachers of our Children’s Fund have been tasked with better preparing themselves to provide our children with quality services.

Each morning, after flagging and wishing, we have a further study on “Keeping Kids Safe in Education.”

The guides we cover are very informative and contain good methods about our responsibility to protect children, specific tasks and systematic practices. As we, as custodians of children’s lives, are happy to discover lessons that help us become better and more effective in our mission.

 The second case of cholera in Cambodia is the second most common cause of concern for the people and the government, and has taken immediate action against the people, especially those in the restaurant business. Failure to follow instructions may result in closing the cafeteria.

In addition, at Don Bosco Kep Technical School Kep continues online education and group study with 10 students per day. As a group of younger siblings studying in higher education, we allow some students to come in groups according to his or her class and subject. This group study is to make it easier for them to do the work that the teacher has to offer because when they study online at home it is difficult to learn or ask questions that they do not know and some students are not. Phone or TV for learning. The students we allow him / her to study in Don Bosco Kep are from grade 10 and above, but if the other classes are available, he / she has enough teachers and enough groups. From 10 people.