Female students learn about the challenges of working with male students

Sunday May 17, 2020 |
Female students learn about the challenges of working with male students
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Phnom Penh: It’s rare for women to learn technical skills such as motorbikes, cars and electricity Most of these skills are found in men, but women are now more interested in learning these skills. Today, for example, we highlight a specialty in electricity that has girls learning this skill and also the consequences of finding a job.

Chan Dara, an electrical student at Don Bosco Technical School in Kep, said she is a freshman and is studying Electricity, a division of the male class, consists of only two females.

She said: ‘Because of my love for science, really, since high school, I couldn’t afford to study at my university. I also decided to study electricity at Don Bosco Technical School in Kep, ”he said.

As a student, she enjoyed studying chemistry, physics, and mathematics, which is a subject related to electrical skills. She decided to apply for the program. The study of theory is not difficult, but it is difficult when applied because of this skill required to fire. And also to go upstairs, which is a very difficult task for a woman, but because of this In her heart she is about to graduate and find a job outside And also.

Chan Dara adds that challenges do exist, but commitment and striving for goals is something that each person must do. I am already determined that no matter what the difficulties are, it has to be overcome and what men can do to men Females can also only learn technical skills, it is not difficult for women, because the skills are just market Mostly referring to men.

Try Augusti, the school’s principal and master of electricity, said that in reality, his students had problems when it came down. Practical work as it is necessary to climb the roof of the house, to light the poles, and to get the actual wiring done. However, in theory, male and female students are more competitive and sometimes female students are more capable than students. Male.

Outside the job market, women also find it difficult to apply for jobs, with only 10 or 2 applications available because Employers think it is not a woman’s job to do, but if recruiting from Electricity du Caboodle, female students can have real priorities There was a female student and was trapped You are employed as an Operator and do not have to work in the field.

He added that the Don Bosco Technical School always encourages girls to apply for technical skills, and that only female students apply. Will receive to promote gender equality in Cambodia. To date, Don Bosco Technical School in Kep has trained 10 female technical students and graduated. 5 students and 5 others studying. According to a senior official of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, technical skills are currently in high demand in Cambodia and Has motivated students to become interested in technical skills. Although it is difficult and hard to work outside, this skill is extremely rewarding and rewarding. Edited by: Sokhuk