by Student Don Bosco Kep

On the morning of May 8, 2020, the students of Don Bosco Technical School had a meeting with Johnny Johnny, and he came here to share their knowledge, education and experiences. Of Don Bosco Technical School, Kep Province.

Also, Brother Nary is a Catholic. Brotherhood has been dedicated since 2013 for seven years now, as we know that the clergy are less foreign than Khmer.

As for his brother Nary, he is of the opinion that in fact Khmer or ethnic, it is not important because we are the same family as we Khmer, you see things like their sacrifice … Brother If you go back someday, that means that you are a foreigner living in our country for someone to help us. And so, you have a passion for life that we must make a sacrifice for others to do what is good for society, especially for children and young people in the future.

He is now studying his first year in theology in the Philippines for four years to become a priest, but because of the Philippine problem of coronavirus (COVID-19), he has returned. Come back to Cambodia.

However, Nary will return to the Philippines once the situation is calm enough to continue his studies. Finally, you have a special message to all of you young men and women that our lives are all worth the same, no matter how poor and our paths. Also, the choice of life must be taken seriously, and we need to make a lot of sacrifice, love, respect, and much for the people around us.

So you want all of your students, teachers, teachers, and your peers to set a good example for us, even though our lives are not the highest sacrifices we make, and the things we give and do. As much as respect, love, self-esteem, mutual encouragement, it is the most important thing in our lives.