Mission frontiers in Europe – Oratory

EAO, 2 May 2020 — Salesian Mission Day 2020 focuses on Initial proclamation in the context of the Oratory in Europe. As is the case every year since 1988, each Salesian setting around the world is provided with a poster, animation booklet, prayer card and videos. On the poster we read the Scripture quotation: “Rejoice, rejoice always in the Lord” (Phil 4:4) and in the 64-page animation booklet we find a rich set of resources at many levels.

The Rector Major invites and motivates each Salesian with three main themes:

(1) Oratory is our birthplace – where each Salesian vocation was born;

(2) the Oratorian spirit is a gift to be revived in each Salesian setting and

(3) each Salesian work is called to become another Valdocco.

The General Councilor for the Missions explains the background of this year’s choice:

(1) The theme opens up a powerful missionary frontier ad gentes – when we meet young people in our Oratories and Youth Centres belonging all possible religions and cultural backgrounds;

(2) This year focuses on Project Europe as a treasure of our Salesian Family worldwide and

(3) a wonderful opportunity for mission animation in each Salesian setting around the world.

The main contents of the SMD 2020 animation booklet present a real wealth of ‘Salesian Oratory culture’:

# General theme for this 6-year term: Initial Proclamation of Jesus Christ

# Salesian reflection on Phil 4:4 ‘The Joy of living in Christ’ (Fr. Bartolomé)

# Salesian Oratory – Youth Centre: Pope Francis, Fr. Vojtas, Fr. Vecchi

# European Oratorian testimonies: Spain, Albania, Italy, Germany, Slovakia

# Salesian holiness in the Oratory: Blessed Albert Marvelli, Venerable Attilio Giordani and the Five Blessed Polish martyrs of Poznan (Poland)

# Project SMD 2020: The Lunik 9 Oratory in Slovakia (Roma – Gypsy youth)

# Prayer

Prayer for Salesian Mission Day 2020

Saint John Bosco,

Father, teacher and friend of the young,

you said, and you testified with your life

that “He who loves, educates.”

Help us to be passionate educators

to the full and abundant life of the Gospel, educators to justice and peace,

educators to solidarity with the weak.

Following your example, help us

to love intensely the Lord of life,

to love without reserve the young we meet,

to offer them the Oratory

a home that welcomes,

a parish that evangelises,

a school that prepares them for life and,

a playground where friends can meet and enjoy themselves.

Guide us on the paths of holiness

so that we may taste the joy of Heaven

now and in Eternity.


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