May 1, 2020, Port Moresby – The Don Bosco Missions, PGS Vice Province, has been actively involved in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in Papua New Guinea and in the Solomon Islands through an awareness campaign. So far in Papua New Guinea only 8 have been confirmed positive with no deaths, while there are no cases yet in the Solomon Islands. This is why awareness is strategically important in both countries.

Last March, Don Bosco Missions produced a video that was defused through the social media inviting people to take seriously the threat of Coronavirus and make the necessary effort to protect themselves through regular washing hands with soap, social distancing and avoiding crowded places. Then, the residents of the “De Sales Men’s Residence”and “Mary Our Help Dormitory” of Don Bosco Technological Institute at Boroko East, together with the Salesian aspirants made short songs on “Stay at home” and “Social distances”. Now Don Bosco Missions has prepared and distributed 11 flyers covering all aspects of Covid-19 prevention.

In times of crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic, along with the necessary government laws and regulations, raising social awareness among all citizens is truly necessary to reduce or prevent the outbreak of Covid19 in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Raising social awareness is an indispensable preventive measure in the spirit of Don Bosco’s Preventive System of education.

By Don Bosco Missions, PGS Vice Province