‘Nanum’ means sharing

Salesian Mission Office, Seoul, Korea 30 April 2020 — As is the case every year, during spring time the Don Bosco Nanum (Mission Office) in Seoul, presents a report of the past year to benefactors. During 2019, missionary solidarity from Korea reached out to the following countries: South Sudan, East Timor, Malawi, Myanmar, Sudan, Mongolia, Middle East refugees, Zambia, Uganda (esp. to the refugee camp in Palabek, the highlighted project for Salesian Mission Day 2019), Kenya, Cambodia and Serbian refugees.

According to the official report, the solidarity fund is made up of 62% of contributions by regular benefactors, 4% campaign efforts (e.g. Seoul marathon for the missions), 18% contribution by Korea SDB province and a further 16% from various occasional individual benefactors or institutions. More than 90% of the budget leaves Korea as missionary solidarity and less than 10% is spent on administration costs, salary and advertising.

In the missionary solidarity plan for this year (2020), the following destinations are considered: South Sudan, Malawi, Zambia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Peru, Paraguay and the Philippines.

There is much satisfaction and there are also also many challenges in the daily work of the Mission Office (Director: Br. Marco Choi, SDB – Provincial Economer) – to see the Don Bosco mission supported through small and simple projects or the continuous need to renew donors, and get the necessary reports from some countries.

We pray, that the ‘Sharing’ (Nanum) spirit of missionary solidarity will be rooted in more Salesian provinces, especially through our challenging pandemic times!

Reference: https://www.bosco.link/webzine/58101