DBFC began in the Khmer refugee camps in the 1980s and it opened the first technical school in Phnom Penh in 1991. Since then, the Foundation has dedicated all its efforts to prepare children and youth to break the circle of poverty through education. But it has been possible only by the joining of several hands from many nations in the five continents. Many of them organized in their own associations, others as individuals. We want to honor all those persons and organizations that have joined this ideal of Don Bosco in Cambodia to open best opportunities for the poorer.

Foundation Sawasdee Projecthulp S.E.Asia

Our foundation helps You to support Father Vissers school project.
We support the schools with electronically materials, knowledge and educate their teachers.
Do you have old electrotechnic materials in your store witch you will most probably never apply? Components witch we can use to erect this kind of education? Help us to support these initiatives and contact us. Become one of our sponsors and give the poor Cambodian youth a perspective for their future… Read more…


The Netherlands

1. Foundation: Sawasdee – Driewegen (President Mr. Hector Loontjens)

2. Foundation for Cambodia – Goes (President Mr. Piet de Visser)

3. Missiewerk MAW – Groningen (President Mr. Cor Kerstholt)

4. Foundation: Nil volentibus Arduum – Rotterdam (President Mr. Jan van Waas)

5. Dutch mission procure (Procurator: Brother Gerard Schoorl)

6. Foundation: Porticus – Amsterdam

7. Scholenproject – Cambodia – Rotterdam (President Mr. Rolf Renzow)



1. Misereor of Aachen – Germany
2. Kindermission of Aachen – Germany
3. Missio of Aachen – Germany
4. Foundation: Aid 4 Future of Munich – Germany
5. German Missionsprokur of Bonn – Germany (Procurator: Brother Jean Paul Muller)


1. Missioni di Don Bosco – Turin – Italy

2. Fondazione Don Bosco nel Mondo – Rome – Italy

 United States

1. Salesian Missions New Rochelle – USA

Are you a benefactor of DBFC? Please send us your info, observations and details to remember your benefit to our children and youth in this pages. Email.

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