(ANS – Yangon) – As President of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, the Salesian Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar, has sent a message

to all the bishops of that continent, so that they “entrust all coronavirus victims to Our Lady of Health, Our Lady of Lourdes, which we celebrate on 11 February.”

“While the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, the miraculous healer, is imminent, on 11 February, special prayers and blessings, through the intercession of the Virgin, are dedicated to the victims of the lethal coronavirus that afflicts the world, in particular our Asian continent,” begins the prelate in his message, released last Saturday, February 8th.

The text for the Asian bishops recalls that the virus has spread to about 30 countries and that so far the greatest number of infections and victims has been found in China, but it does not forget that cases have been recorded in almost all the countries of Asia.

“At this critical moment, we want to be close and pray for the deceased, and for the brothers and sisters who are sick from this virus that has spread to China and the world. May the Lord welcome the dead in his peace, comfort the families and support the great commitment of the Chinese community which has already mobilized to fight the epidemic” continues the message.

In addition to praying for the sick, the Salesian cardinal invites his brothers in the episcopate to pray for the Virgin to intervene and help prevent a global epidemic. “We fervently ask for her maternal protection to stop the rapid spread of this deadly virus, to give us hope and courage, imposing her miraculous hands for the healing of the sick.”

The text concludes, finally, invoking protection on those who, not without danger, work for the health of others: “In these tragic moments, may our Mother Mary, she who was beside the cross of her dying son Jesus, be the pillar of strength and the beacon of hope for health workers who risk their lives to save the lives of infected people.”