(ANS – Sao Paulo) – The Rector Major asks that the Strenna for 2020 be the “guiding thread” of pastoral activity. For the education and evangelization of young people, the Salesian Family has inherited the famous binomial “good Christians and upright citizens”, but there is a growing fragility as we are not always apostles-missionaries and we do not always educate young people to good citizenship.

Don Bosco, in his context, knew how to answer to needs. He lived and knew how to instill a spirituality lived in everyday life, marked by an atmosphere of friendship, cordiality, familiarity and a lot of love; and thus he formed young Christians, convinced citizens, including the “first Salesians” who would give birth to the large and “wonderful tree” of his Salesian Family. As the Rector Major writes: “The Salesian Family is a tree that today has thousands of friends and benefactors thanks to whom we can do much good.” A tree that has thousands and thousands of lay people as its branches, who share the charism of Don Bosco and who work daily in the works of the Salesian Family all over the world.

The world’s youth population is large and has never been so poor and needy as it is today, both in number and in living conditions, says the Rector Major. It is necessary to deal with their real situations, such as the lack of opportunities, training, and insertion into the world of work, among others.

Why do we perceive so much suffering and do not take heed? Why do we see so many forms of violence, aggression, and destruction growing up and do nothing to seek fraternity? Today’s young people seek ephemeral, appearances, individualistic and consumeristic happiness. And to form the good Christian and the honest, upright citizen, young people must abandon self-centeredness and put their life project “at the center of their choices”.

A fundamental attitude of the educator is that of knowing how to listen. Today everyone wants to talk, write or say “what they think, feel, know, believe.” But there is a lack of people who listen. In the Biographical Memoirs, it is possible to see how Don Bosco puts himself in the hands of his director, the smiling and affable Father Cafasso, and listens to him carefully to discern the vocational path to follow.

In the binomial “good Christians and upright citizens”, there is an evangelizing and educational project to plan educational and pastoral activities. In the words of Fr Agnaldo Soares, SDB: “If you believe in the power of good and love, never stop and never give up. Continue to sow small gestures of goodness, which will always make the difference and radiate happiness and hope in many lives.”

Source from: https://www.infoans.org/