don bosco phnom penh semester exam 2014

Students of Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh take their final semester exam in the capital early April.

       For Don Bosco the exam is a very important moment where the student demonstrates in some way their abilities and learning level and teachers evaluate their own effectiveness in helping their students to get a skill. There are 6 main exams at the Don Bosco technical schools during the two years of formation:

  • The entrance exam: It is done to assure that the new applicants to Don Bosco are ready to assume a strict technical and human formation.
  • The semester exam: 4 of them at the end of every semester.
  • The final exam and thesis.

The technical schools put a lot emphasis on doing the exams in the best way possible, following a strict policy:

  1. The design of the exam is made by a select group of veteran and professional teachers that keep it secret and share it to all technical schools in Cambodia.
  2. Authorities from the Ministry of Education are invited as observers of the exam.
  3. Students should not come to the area where the exam is hold the day or night before it is realized.
  4. Students are strictly forbidden from talking during the exam.
  5. Every student should bring with them only the necessary items requested by the exam policy.
  6. Young people trying to ‘buy’ a teacher or suggesting any special gift, will be dismissed immediately. If it is about new applicants, such person will not be accepted in any Don Bosco Technical School in Cambodia.
  7. Under any reason a young person should arrive to a Don Bosco exam in condition of drunkenness or with effects of a previous drunkenness or effects of any kind narcotics.
  8. The Don Bosco schools are non-smoking areas, thus exams.
  9. Young people should pay respect to any teacher or authority before, during and after the exam. There is not tolerance for youth speaking loudly, angry or commanding teachers. If a young person has an observation to do, they must follow due procedures keeping politeness and  good manners.
  10. Young people must dress properly during the exam: if they are students, they must wear the official uniform of the Technical School, with a proper haircut; if they are applicants, they must come wearing the Cambodian official uniform for school children.