Salesian seminarians meet in Battambang

Sunday July 8, 2018 |
Salesian seminarians meet in Battambang
  • The Salesian Seminarians of Cambodia met in Battambang on 5 and 6 of July with Fr. Cef for formation.
  • “The Practical Training period provides opportunity for a deeper living experience of Salesian educative and pastoral action. During this time the young confrere gets practice in the preventive system, particularly in Salesian assistance (…)” (Art. 115, SDB Constitutions.)
  • Fr Cef gave the brothers a formation talk on Human Development and Empowerment.

BATTAMBANG — This month the Salesian Practical Trainees in Cambodia were in Battambang Community for their formation and sharing of their pastoral experiences under the leadership of Fr Ceferino Ledesma (Fr. Cef), SDB. There were Seminarian Brothers Anthony Hoang Van Nguyen and John Phen Nary from Phnom Penh, Brother Kong Somony from Sihanoukville community and Brother Joshua Pilaku (Br. Somnang Jr.) from Kep.

LTR standing: Fr. Anthony Hoang Van Nguyen, Br. Joshua Pilaku (Br. Samnang Jr.), Br. Kong Somony and Br. John Phen Nary. Sitting LTR Fr. Gerard Ravasco (Fr. Gigi) and Fr. Ceferino Ledesma (Fr. Cef.)

On the first day the practical trainees were welcomed by Fr. Gerard Ravasco (Fr. Gigi), SDB, the Priest in charge in Battambang Community and he gave them a tour. The Seminarian Brothers in Practical Training had the opportunity to visit the Agro-technical School in Salabalat and the kindergarten, elementary and High School in Adeung Cheng where they stayed for a night.

Also, they were blessed to visit Monsignore Enrique Figeredo (Mgr. Kike), who welcomed them happily and gave each practical trainee a cross and a simplified Khmer Bible. The next day, the practical trainees were well welcomed by the young people of Battambang Community during the morning assembly, where each Salesian Seminarian had the opportunity to introduce themself. Later, they had the opportunity to share their pastoral experiences with each other. Fr Cef gave the brothers a formation talk on human development and Empowerment of the young people, stewardship as an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources, ownership and experience is the best teacher. He also encouraged all the Practical Trainees to keep up the good work and that experience is the best teacher. The gathering was concluded with Mass celebrated by Fr Cef. Then the PTs had a delicious lunch prepared by Momi Pas, a volunteer from Philippines.

Report by Br. Somnang Jr.

LTR: Fr. Gigi, Br. Somony, Br. Samnang Jr., Mgr. Kike Figeredo, Br. John Phen Nary and Br. Antony during the visit to Mgr. Enrique Figeredo, Apostolic Prefect of Battambang.
Fr. Cef and the Salesian Seminarians of Cambodia visit Don Bosco Andung Chen during their formation meeting in Battambang.