H.E.  Pak Sokhom, Cambodia’s Secretary of State for Tourism, presides the end of the ASEAN std. workshop at Don Bosco Kep this Friday. He is near H.E. Eng Chhay, Kep Province Vice-Governor (right), Mrs. Soy Boran, Director of the Vocational Center (far right), Mr. Pov Tula, Head Master of Don Bosco and Fr. Ly Samnang, Rector.

Kep City — H.E. Pak Sokhom, Cambodia’s Secretary of State for Tourism, assisted to the closing ceremony of the five days’ workshop to update instructors of vocational centers and hospitality departments on ASEAN Common Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals (ACCSTP). 

H.E. Pak Sokhom thanked Don Bosco Kep for providing the place during the celebration of the workshop that started last Monday, 5th of February. He underlined the importance to learn the tourism standards proposed by the Association of Southeast Asian countries and the need to involve vocational and technical centers that are training young people to work in that sector. Teachers from Kep Vocational Center, as well as from Don Bosco Sihanoukville and Kep’s hospitality departments, attended the activity of formation for five days.

He congratulates Kep Province for its achievement to get the ASEAN recognition of a clean and beautiful area in Cambodia, an event that encourages the Kep community to continue leading the trend of tourism in the country. H.E. Pak Sokhom addressed his greetings to the Don Bosco Kep students from all technical departments, providing illustrations of what it was about international standards and how it would impact positively the tourism growing if everybody applies them to their own areas of work or technical education.

H.E. Eng Chhay, Vice-Governor of Kep Province, reminded the Don Bosco Kep community that he is a past pupil of Don Bosco Phnom Penh and one of the first generations of students of Don Bosco Cambodia in the 1990’s. He encouraged the students to continue growing and giving value to their school and making a positive contribution to their country.

H.E. Eng Chhay, Vice-Governor of Kep Province and Past Pupil of Don Bosco Phnom Penh (1990’s), with Fr. Ly Samnang and teachers Sann and Chom Nith at Don Bosco Kep.
H.E. Pak Sokhom explained to the participants of the ASEAN Std. workshop in Don Bosco Kep about the meaning of it and its importance for the Cambodian tourism sector.
All Don Bosco Kep students attended the closing ceremony of ASEAN std. workshop.