Don Bosco Kep in soundcloudDear All, our dear friends Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind, member of the Senior Experten Service (SES) from Germany,and Mr. Michael Ramm, a radio journalism, made our Don Bosco Technical School Kep alive in ALEX Studio in Berlin.  You can enjoy their testimony as volunteers in Kep for the Social Communication Section. Their last experience was between November and January with the students of second year from Kep and Sihanoukville about radio production. Their approach to the cultural difference and language barrier has been a great experience either for the same volunteers as well as for the Cambodian youth. Those who can understand Germany are invited to listen the program in this link:
I translated the introduction and it says:
“Six weeks spent Wolfgang Bauerfeind and Michael Ramm in a village in the southwest of Cambodia to give a course in radio journalism in a school for the poor. Staying with us in the ALEX-studio, the two journalists speak about the students contributions, the language barriers, cultural differences and, ultimately, that it is not so clear who has actually learned here by whom.”
Their next experience will be on January 2015, where both German journalists will share more with our Don Bosco Cambodian youth.