Dear friends and sponsors of SSCR, on Sunday 17th September a small team of our sponsors are running 10 miles (= 16 km) between Amsterdam and Zaandam. Their aim is to raise money for our projects for a better future for the underprivileged youth in Cambodia. The co-finance organisation Wild Gees will add a premium of 50% to all donations received and all proceeds will be spend for 100% to one of our school projects
Mrs. Linda Commandeur is one of our running sponsors and she has made a special action page on which you may sponsor her running effort and make any donation you would like to do. Your donation will be an enormous stimulant for Linda and the money will be very much appreciated.

The page is in Dutch, so I will tell you a bit of what Linda has written:

She starts telling the situation around her child Vandet which she is supporting:

“I am sitting upright in my bed. It is hot. My mother is dead and my father has abandoned me. Now I live with my aunt. Normally I am supposed to help working on the field to raise some money for our daily meals. But I am luckily allowed to attend school thanks to my Dutch sponsor.”

Linda is supporting children via SSCR / Don Bosco Children Fund of Cambodia for 7 years already but this year she wants to do some special effort to raise more money for similar underprivileged children in Cambodia. That is why she will run the 10 miles from Amsterdam to Zaandam on Sunday 17th September. Please make her special effort a success and sponsor Linda for a better future of the children in Cambodia!

With kind regards from SSCR

Rolf Renzow
Treasurer SSCR

Campaign of Ms Commander July 2017