BERLIN — The Central German Broadcasting (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, MDR), featured an extensive radio program about the contribution of the Senior Experten Service (SES) to the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia along the years. Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind, SES Radio Journalist and a member of SES, has come to the Don Bosco Cambodia Social Communication Center of Kep Province for the past five years to train the social communication teachers and students in radio journalism, research and production. He is also a member of MDR.

“Dear Albeiro, my radio program, interview and online performance about my work in Kep was broadcast last week in the public radio stations of MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk) and RBB (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg) So a lot of people could hear it. In the Feature speak other people too, like the dentist in Sihanoukville and Joseph of Austria in Kep. Do you remember? Certainly. In the program you can also hear other voices of people, who are working after the retirement for others, without money, with the willing to help,” said Mr. Bauernfeind to Fr. Albeiro Rodas, Director of Communications for Cambodia and Rector at Kep.

The program is a production coming from the workshops of Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind and Mr. Michael Ramm with the teachers and students of social communication of Don Bosco Kep from December 2016 to February 2017.

The Program can be listen (in Germany) in this link.

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Don Bosco Cambodia in Berlin Radio 2017