Br Andrew and Br Ieth with SDB in Don Bosco Sampran May 26 2017

Last Friday, May 26, two novices concluded their experience and professed as Salesians of Don Bosco for the Saint Paul Salesian Province that includes Thailand, Cambodia and Laos (THA). Fr. John Bosco Dheparat Pitisant, Provincial, presided the Eucharist in the Salesianum of Sampran, where Br. Andrew Surachai Rattanayomngamdee and Br. John Bosco Prak Ieth, said yes to Don Bosco and to Jesus as religious persons. Days before, in Don Bosco Lawaan in Cebu, Philippines, another novice was received by the Congregation, Br. Norn Chandara, who professed to Fr. Godofredo Atienza, Provincial of Philippine South (FIS).

Two of the new Salesians are Cambodians: Br. Ieth and Br. Chandara, the first coming from the vocational experience of Don Bosco Brother Sun in Don Bosco Sihanoukville, while Br. Chandara from the Besucco Boys House of Don Bosco Phnom Penh. It is a grace for the young Cambodian mission during its 26th anniversary of foundation. Br. Andrew is a Thai young confrere belonging to the Karen ethnic minority of northern Thailand.

Fr. John Bosco Dheparat Pitisant said during the homily that it is a gift from the Virgin for the Salesian Congregation, but especially for the Salesian Mission in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.