Don Bosco Social Com 3rd Place in JICA Video Competition 2017, Don Bosco SC Past Pupils 2nd
Press Release 04/06/2017
 KEP CITY, 06 APRIL 2017. The Don Bosco Social Communication Project of Cambodia got a special recognition by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) during the Video Competition to Promote the Commune/Sangkat Council Election 2017 in Cambodia. The award was celebrated yesterday 5 of April at the headquarters of JICA in Phnom Penh, led by the Director of the Cambodian Election Committee Mr Puthea Hong and the JICA Cambodia Chief Representative Mr Yuichi Sugano.
Social Communication Past Pupils of the First Generation of Don Bosco Kep Mr Lim Sure, Mr Rathanak In, Miss Romdourl Pho and Mr Dona Said and another young professional Mr Khmerman Serey, produced a graphic animation video for the competition (watch it at Kodii Digital Facebook Page) to wind the second place. As the first group of social communication from Don Bosco Kep, they have already a experience of 5 years working at the Cambodian media and are the creators of their own media enterprise in Phnom Penh.

The third place was given to the production of Mr Sann Ngong, teacher of the Social Communication Section of Don Bosco Technical School of Kep Province. Sann Ngong, who worked one year at TV5 Channel before returning to the school to support the technical formation of the new generations, directed a very short film with the senior students Mr Sok Kim, Horn Piseth and Ek Chantha (technicians), Mr Non Tola and Mr Rong Vireak, actors. The video is published on the Youtube Channel of Sann Ngong.

The awarded videos will be aired on the Cambodian television channels as a way to promote the upcoming elections of Commune Councils around the country. The intention is to empower the Cambodian democracy fighting abstentionism. The Japan International Cooperation Agency encourages people “to recognize the development issues they themselves face” according to their own mission statement.

The Social Communication Section was created first in Don Bosco Sihanoukville in 2007 by Fr Albeiro Rodas and the support of different benefactors like Sawasdee Foundation and Stichting Scholenproject Cambodja ‘Rotterdam’ (SSCR) from Netherlands, Salesian Missions from New York, Senior Experten Service from Germany and the cooperation of professional media volunteers from different countries like Colombia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, United States, Singapore and the Philippines. In 2011 a second section was opened in Don Bosco Kep and it was unified in 2015 to empower it as a social communication center for the Cambodian Salesian Delegation with the formation of young people from underprivileged and vulnerable communities.

The third place awarded video.
Mr Lim Suon of Kodii Digital, Don Bosco Kep Social Communication past pupil, received the second award place from Mr Puthea Hong, Director of the Cambodian Election Committee at the headquarters of JICA Cambodia.
Mr Sann Ngong receives the third award in the Video Competition. He made the production with senior students of Don Bosco Kep Social Communication. At the left Mr Yuichi Sugano, Chief Representative of JICA Cambodia and at the right Mr Puthea Hong of the Cambodian Election Committee.
The crew of Don Bosco with Mr Puthea Hong.